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An Overflowing Cup
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To the popular question: “Do you see your glass as half full or half empty?”I respond, “What happened to the full glass?”

God loves, saves, and plans eternal life for His earth-born children. How can we have anything less than a full and overflowing cup?
On this Thanksgiving, we may wonder what to be thankful for. Many have lost jobs, property, loved ones. Under the present world economy, finances evaporate. Politics are scary. Natural disasters strike around the country, and the globe, with devastating results. How can we go on with family traditions as if nothing has happened? We can’t. We cannot celebrate anything until we take the time to number our blessings and see that God is still filling our glass—“even so.”

As a child of missionaries to a foreign land, I don’t recall that we ever had such a thing as a Thanksgiving dinner. But practically every meal was a cause for thanks. In the tropical cycle of dry season and rainy season, periods of famine were all too frequent for the impoverished people that we served. To have food on the table and food to share with the lines of people who came to the back door with their cups or containers was cause for daily gratitude.

Although Mom was a frugal, careful person, even she could not have made the oatmeal or wheat porridge hold out until the last person was fed. Only the Lord could have multiplied our meager supplies day after day.  

Spirit of Gratitude
When I think about my father, I think about his prayers. Though he often had much to lay before God, his spirit was always one of gratitude. I think that even on his deathbed, Dad viewed his cup of life as overflowing. His last words, “I’ll see you in the Morning,” assured us of his trust.

I don’t know what the word Thanksgiving means to you. Perhaps it’s football games on television or your family’s version of the famous Norman Rockwell painting of relatives and guests around a bountiful table.
Maybe a peanut butter sandwich, a good book, and a quiet corner to read is your lot, or choice. (May the Lord be your companion and fill your spirit with his own.) Or you may be among the blessed persons who don an apron and serving gloves and dish up Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless and lonely in your community. (Your cup of joy will spill all around you, blessing those you serve.)

It could be that you are on duty that day and that your dinner will be a quick bite in the cafeteria or from a brown-bag lunch. However you spend the day, take time to greet someone you’ve not met before. Learn a new name; share a “God bless.” Leave a smile behind you and you’ll find one has also been placed inside you.
May your cup overflow!

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