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My niece, who is one and a half years old has a little obsession with the sunshine. She loves to point her little finger to the sky and with great joy on her face and in her voice say, “Sushshine!” She will say it over and over again and it's all very cute and wonderful, but what about the sunshine? We see it nearly everyday. Somedays it's really hot and bright, and others it's nearly hidden by gray clouds, yet it's always up there somewhere shining. It's always there to remind us that another day is at hand, like a huge burning universal clock.

We could not live long without the sun to warm the earth, and give growth to the plants and foods that we eat. The sun is also important for our bodies and provides much needed vitamin D which helps keep us healthy and happy.

Yet the sun is so much more than that, it's our daily guide, it's our backdrop, it's our beautiful end to every day, like a built in painter in the sky. It's the universal sign for happiness and cleanliness, if you don't believe me, wash your clothes and hang them outside to dry. Nothing feels better or smells better than sun dried clothes.

Afraid of the Dark

Sunshine illuminates hope, and gives light to areas that seem shadowy and scary. When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark. Afraid that some monster was just behind the door or nipping at my heels. I had a little flashlight and I would shine it on the floor of my room to give myself reassurance that there were no monsters sneaking up on me. I was always grateful when the night gave way to day and the sunshine took my worries away.

Watching my niece appreciate the sunshine so joyfully reminds me that God is the light of our paths and the hope of our lives, and like the sunshine will one day cast the shadows and darkness away and reveal a place where fears will be no more.

“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day” (Proverbs 4:18).

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