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I’m a transplant. Compared to some people, my moves of a few thousand miles here and a few thousand miles there are insignificant, but for me, moving is never easy.

I’ll be honest: I love the adventure, and I don’t mind the travel, but I don’t like the starting over. It isn’t easy to leave behind familiar places. I’m an introvert, and always being a stranger can be hard. I like my comfort zone, and moving has consistently pushed me out of the known and into territories that have stretched me to new limits. There are times when I don’t like that so much. Moving is exhausting emotionally and physically.  It takes a lot of work to pack up your life and unpack it somewhere else.

I may not love moving, but I am grateful for these chances I’ve had to taste of the beauty that God has scattered in every corner of this world. I’m grateful for the wonderful people I may never have met had He not seen fit to pull up my roots and transplant me somewhere else. I may have left a piece of my heart in each of my old homes, but I have fond memories of these places that He has used to shape my story. The best part is the people that I share them with — unexpected friendships that were made, and faces that I’ll never forget.

Gifts of Beauty

Each place that I’ve been transplanted to has been so uniquely different from the last. And yet in each and every place that I’ve lived or passed through, I’ve found beauty there. Because of my transplants, I know now for sure that even the desert can blossom like a palace garden, and a world of what sometimes seems like perpetual snow can sparkle more than a crown jewel. And whether the landscape is sandy or lush green, there always seems to be a bird who will sing an evening song. There are good and kind and beautiful people everywhere I go who help me feel less like a stranger and more like I belong. While so many things change, God’s goodness and love, and gifts of beauty remain.

If it weren’t for these unexpected bends in the road, and the miles I’ve traveled, perhaps all that I would have had the chance to know of Creation would be just the one climate of the far north country. Perhaps all I would know was a limited view of the heart of God’s people in every part of this world. Perhaps I would not be who I am today without these moves.

Throughout my transplants, these are the things that have reminded me that when everything changes, God still knows exactly what I need. He has each moment of this life I’m living mapped out already, and every adventure and unexpected bump that we’re going to face is still held in the palm of His hand.

There are indeed blessings in being a transplant.

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