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A Check from God
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Time and time again I have heard remarks from program speakers such as, “We were down to the last day and needed several thousand dollars to meet expenses, then I opened one of the envelopes on my desk and found a check for the exact amount”, or “It was time to pay tuition and there was no money in my account. I walked to the mailbox and pulled out a check that took care of my tuition and books.”

Then, there’s the family that had eaten the last food in the house with no prospect as to what they would have for the next meal. At dinner time, they stepped out on the porch to find fresh vegetables some caring person had left.  

There was no doubt in my heart that God could provide such wonderful blessings, and it was so awe-inspiring, but there was a tinge of skepticism stirring in my mind. Not that it was beyond the will or power of God, but that it had never happened to us.  

My husband and I had many times scraped the bottom of the barrel for tuition and books when I was in nursing. There were times groceries were the bare necessities, and I mean bare necessities, doctor visits only when very ill, and cars such as the one we had to push to get started every morning. There were times we had to do totally without in one area in order to cover expenses in another area. However, there was never any check in our mailbox or groceries left on the porch.

Not as Faithful?

I said, “Father, you know how we have struggled at times, but we have never found an unexpected check in our mailbox or food on our porch. Is it because I am not as dedicated in my faith as these people, or is it because I am not as faithful? I sure would like to see such a blessing happen to us, Father, just to know you care as much about us and our struggles as you do about these others.

A short time later we received a letter from a company for which my husband had worked for a brief time and had left in 1973 about thirty-five years ago. They had closed their business and were seeking all past employees in order to dispense money from retirement accounts being closed out.  About two months later a check arrived for over six thousand dollars. My husband had no idea he was enrolled in their retirement program.

Even in our misconceptions, God reaches down from on high to where we stand just to shed light and take away the shadows in our understanding. The Bible says, “As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me...” (Psalm 138:3).

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