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Tug of War
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Living up in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina, we are a distance from any conveniences and, for that matter, from even simple necessities, but we are blessed with a family closeness and surrounded by a beauty that few ever experience.

In 2008 our son married, and we were blessed not only with a wonderful daughter-in-law but with the added bonus of two beautiful little granddaughters. Unfortunately, caught in the downward spiral of economy, our son’s growing construction business failed, and our daughter-in-law was in college in the mist of nurses training. It was out of necessity that our granddaughters were placed in the closest school. A public school an hour’s drive from our homes—one in first grade and one in the second.  

Since my husband and I had attended public school and sent our two children to public school ever aware and striving to meet our responsibility of upholding Christ before them, we were comfortable with this arrangement. Christ in our home along with church attendance provided grounding and stability for our children.   

Enormous Change

However, the schools have undergone an enormous change since our graduations in the 1960’s and our children’s graduations in the 1980’s. In today’s elementary schools, drugs are not uncommon, suicides are rising, theft is out of control, foul language is too often over looked, children learn songs from other children that would make your hair curl, bullying is widespread, and clothes are sometimes provocative.

When our girls were taken from a Christ centered life at home and placed in a world centered life at school, it was a big shock. These intelligent, loving girls wanted to be liked, fit in, and have friends, just like the rest of us. They were placed in a tug of war situation between their faith and their friends.

We are thankful that we had a choice and our grandchildren are now in the Christian school system, and are spared from some of the pressures and heartaches of trying to merge and fuse together two conflicting ways of life.

The other day as we were having dinner together, one of our girls relayed the story of how they are praying for each others families at school. Our son responded, “Just hearing that is enough to make sending them to a Christian school worthwhile.”

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