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The Gift of Prayer
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All week I’d raced with the clock—and lost. I felt frustrated as I left work Friday afternoon because of what lay undone at the office. At home, things looked equally disordered. Tasks I should have done during the week had piled up. My mind raced in useless circles around my work list while simultaneously trying to think of a topic for the Senior Home chapel service the next day. That, and what to serve company for dinner.

Suddenly, in the midst of my hurry and frustration, I felt myself blanketed with calm. I stopped, with dish towel and dish in hand, feeling distinctly impressed that someone, somewhere was praying for me. I put the dish and towel on the counter. The clutter could wait. The presence of God couldn’t.

Wanting to remember the moment, I wrote the following lines, then realized that therein lay the theme for my chapel talk: “The Gift of Prayer.”

“Somewhere…my name was whispered to the sky, as friendship bore my name on high. I paused, amid my many pressing cares, and felt myself all wrapped about with prayers.”

“Thank you, God,” I whispered, “for putting my name on someone’s heart for prayer.”

Sensing Someone's Prayers

This was not my first experience of sensing someone’s prayers on my behalf. I had been comforted by them often. As homemaker, office clerk, mother of three, I struggled constantly with keeping up. Prayers of my friends were precious to me.

Now on this day, with food to cook, dishes to wash, and floors to clean, I realized the most important thing had not been written on my list: “Time with God.” Time to listen, time to pray; time to lay my worries and frustrations in Hands much larger than my own.

More urgent than dust-bunnies or carpet stains is the need for time with God. I also believe God understands perfectly if we keep up a running conversation while we work. In fact, I think our menial tasks provide Heaven with opportunities to lay names or situations on our hearts for which to pray if our minds are open to them. 

What mother or grandmother has not prayed for her children or grandchildren while her hands were in the kitchen sink or folding laundry or mending clothes? What father or grandfather has not had opportunity to pray while mowing grass or blowing leaves? What working person has not “telegraphed” prayers from the work place for family members or home situations? What highway is not a “ribbon of prayer” for those whose hearts belong to God?

Prayer, personal and specific, drawn from one caring heart to wrap itself about another and lift that person’s needs heavenward, is indeed a gift!

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