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God Trusts Us
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It amazes me how much God trusts us. The One who knows the end from the beginning is always hoping in our potential for good.

I was reading the story of Saul in I Samuel 8-15. To God’s disappointment, Israel had wanted a king like the other nations. Not a good idea but God gave them what they wanted, choosing the tallest, most handsome man in Israel (9:2). Untrained for the office of king, Saul was to rely on the messages of God that came through Samuel the prophet.

More and more Saul began to act on his own, referring to God as “your God” when speaking to Samuel, until the crucial test came when God gave specific instructions to totally destroy an enemy and everything associated with it. Saul smoothly rationalized “the people” keeping of some of the sheep and oxen as “sparing the best to sacrifice to the Lord your God” (1 Samuel 15:15). He’d also saved the life of the enemy king.

If you ever wondered if God has regrets, just read Genesis 6:6 and I Samuel 15:11. There are unfortunate consequences inherent in God’s regrets. In Genesis, we read of the flood. In Saul’s case, God revoked his kingship and began immediately to choose a replacement for him.

Telling Lies

How do ancient Bible accounts apply to us today? Each one of us, from the time we are infants, are given opportunities to prove our trust-worthiness. It’s amazing at what an early age we understand if we are telling truth or not. My friend, Beth Anne, remembered lying at age two-and-a-half. Her beloved older sister had died and she wanted to go to the funeral. The adults determined she was too young. Through the tears of her disappointment, her baby heart understood that if she told the truth, it would upset the adults. So when they asked why she was crying, she lied and said, “I want ice cream.”

Telling lies, to others and to ourselves, begins at a very early age. We are, after all, dwelling in the kingdom of the Master Liar of all time.

That’s why I say it’s so amazing that God trusts us! With every marriage, God trusts husbands and wives to take care of each other. With every birth of a child, God trusts parents to do the right things for that child. With every waking consciousness of a child comes God’s hope and trust that the child will make good choices.

In every business deal, every transaction, every day of menial labor or national leadership, God places trust in humans. In every friendship or relationship, God wants to trust us. In our speaking, in our silence, in our deepest inner thoughts, the One who hears and reads it all still clings to our best, eternal interest.

As David discovered, God is eager to guide each of us “in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake” (Psalm 23:3).

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