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Flu Season
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I've always believed that the best defense to seasonal colds and the flu is a good offense. It's the daily steps that we take before flu season arrives that give us our best chances for fighting off or lowering the severity of colds and flu. Proper diet, sunshine, exercise, fresh air, plenty of sleep, low stress levels, and proper amounts of water all help our bodies to be in the best of health, allowing us to more effectively fight sickness.

God created us with wondrous and complex bodies, able to fight off disease and stave off sickness, but it is up to each one of us to keep our bodies healthy so that it may work properly when sickness does strike.

Treat Symptoms

Many times we don't take care of ourselves until sickness is upon us. We drag our haggard selves into the closest Rx for vitamins, drugs and various other cold and flu comforts. Many times these synthetic drugs treat the symptoms but really do nothing to make us get better any faster.

I recently read a newspaper poll conducted on health and sickness, where a high percentage of people polled claimed that diet, water, and sleep were not high priorities in there day to day lives, yet these same people also when polled said that they wished that there were some sort of “magic pill” that would help prevent them from getting sick at all. While we know that it's impossible on this earth of sin to live without sickness at all, we also know that preventative health is the closest thing to a “magic pill” there is.

This year don't let the flu sneak up on you, do the things today that will give you the strength you need when sickness rears it's ugly head.

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