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Passing the Baton
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I loved being on the track team in high school. I wasn't a star by any means, but I did a fair job of contributing, in general. I especially loved running relays. I was not a long-distance runner, so I usually got to run short distance stints where I could really pour it on without having to exercise the self-control of pacing myself.

The most exciting position in a relay, in my opinion, is the anchor. Since the anchor is the last runner on the team, this person has the delight of feeling the ribbon break on her chest, accepting victory for the whole team. There's something thrilling about waiting in place on the track, looking ahead while waiting with open fist tucked against your thigh until finally the baton is thrust into your possession. Holding it tight as though it was a kidney in an insulated carrier, you speed ahead with eyes affixed on the finish line!

Come to find out, relay races don't end when you outgrow track meets. Come to find out, life is full of them! Seldom do we find ourselves running a race completely alone. There are people before us and after us who we couldn't get to the finish line without.

Race of All Races

Then there is the race of all races. The race that Paul referred to in the Bible that ends at the final finish line. The race where there is no ribbon to break through, but rather, a gate to glide through. The race where instead of being met by an official dressed in athletic attire telling you your time, you are met by the Official dressed in white telling you, “Well done.”

This is the race where instead of being patted on the back by a proud coach, you are embraced by an elated Saviour. And as His hand gestures you to enter, you fully recognize that hand as the very one that passed you the baton race after race after race. You know you wouldn't be there without Him, and you couldn't feel more like a winner!
“I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14).

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