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A Way That Seems Right
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The other day my husband and I dined out--an Asian meal. He doesn’t like Asian, yet every once in a while he’ll surprise me by taking me to a buffet, at least there’s more variety for him at one of those.

Though I like the food, especially Lo Mein and those wonderful soft rolls sprinkled with sugar, I’ll admit that best of all I look forward to the message I get in my fortune cookie. Those little pieces of paper that are inside are fun to read. I don’t believe in lucky numbers or anything like my future being told. It’s just interesting to see what the message will read. This time mine was a bit different, “Before you wonder, ‘Am I doing things right,’ ask yourself, ‘Am I doing the right things.”

It got me to thinking seriously about what I consider right and what I’m doing about it. The message had a lot of philosophy to it. I might be doing things right according to how the game is played but they could be the wrong things to do.

There’s a safeguard against falling into that kind of wrong doing, and it’s prayer. We may take our big problems to the Lord, but do we remember to take all our “doings” to Him?

Almost Died

A friend of mine almost died as a result of making a decision without prayer. His coworkers planned a fishing trip; he was expected to join the crowd. A fishing trip, innocent enough, eh? Everyone else was going, and all were to chip in for the boat rental. He knew they planned a beer blitz too. He didn’t want to go but convinced himself  that it would be okay because if he didn’t join the others he’d make a hardship on them because of the costly boat rental fee.

However, he wasn’t aboard the day of the trip. Instead he lay in a hospital bed suffocating with hives in his throat. He’d worried himself sick--and almost died. He might have done things right by the group standards, but would it have been the right thing to do? How much better if he’d asked God to give him the courage to say, “No, I can’t join in.”

Proverbs 14:12 is a good Bible verse to commit to memory, “ There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Taking all our doings to the Lord can save us a heap of trouble—even as with my friend, perhaps life itself.

As I fingered my paper fortune from the cookie, I was reminded of the above Bible verse—and felt comforted that I can go to God with any doings in my life and know that He’ll guide me.

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