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Sunsets or Sportscars?
Photo: Glauco Aio
This morning I set out on a walk just as night gave way to day. As I scanned the western horizon, twilight turned powdery blue frosted by a thin layer of pink cotton. Behind me the sun rose like a golden ball in the east spreading its glorious rays like warm fingers of love.

Suddenly my attention was drawn to a flock of birds flying in formation. I marveled as they arched, dipped and soared in perfect unison, winging their way north, then west, then north again, each bird intuitively knowing the moves. They reminded me of a seasoned Olympic figure skating couple who danced in perfect concert due to thousands of hours of practice spins.

And, all this, I might have missed had I not reluctantly risen at the crack of dawn to exercise. I am again reminded that there is beauty to have and to hold, each and every day. And, sometimes it appears in the most unlikely places. I’ve even heard it said that our smoggy city skylines make the most awesome sunsets.

I remember leaving the building of a former place of employment one evening, just in time to take in a brilliant crimson sunset on the western horizon. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I queried the woman by my side, as we made our way to the parking lot. “Wow, look at that red!” She responded. “Incredible,” I agreed.

It was at that point I finally took my eyes off the sky and noticed my colleague hadn’t even seen the sunset. Instead, she was admiring a shiny red sports car, fresh off the showroom floor! We were both in exactly the same place, at the same time, and had seen and experienced something totally different.

Too Busy to Notice

This experience convinced me that every day, you and I miss many beautiful and special gifts sent to us by a God who loves us and delights to bless us. We miss them because we are too busy, too preoccupied, or too focused on our plans and the busyness of this world to notice.

It is true that the ugliness of the city surrounds us too. Polluted skies, graffiti-marred buildings, trash and freeway stench are everywhere. But so is beauty if we look for it. Billowy clouds, budding blossoms, melodic birds, and grey squirrels darting up ancient oaks with treasures in their jowls – these are just some of the urban jewels we may unearth each day if we take the time to observe.

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