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Start Young
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Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go,
 and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Solomon, undeniably one of the wisest kings ever, stated the secret to getting children to know God. The secret is that this training needs to start when the child is young.

Start Young - The twig trained while the tree is young adjusts its course. To twist limbs when trees are old tends to break branches. So it is with training our youth today. To be the most effective the sooner the training is started, the better will be the results.

Be an Example - When Solomon admonished the readers of Proverbs to train up children in the way they were to go he was speaking of training them by example. We need to lead children by our example. A ‘do as I say, not as I do’ just won’t cut it.

Pray Openly - I will never forget the night I found my father in prayer. That’s something I will never forget. Years later I made sure that my own children witnessed their father leading out in family worship and prayer time on a nightly basis.

Dedicate them to God! Talk to Him about them. He will inspire you as to what you need to be doing for each one of your children. 

Have Family Worship - Church is nice, but if it’s not backed up by worship in the home, it’s really quite lacking when it comes to impressing your children.

Think of your child’s week. A great deal of their waking hours are spent in school. Quite a few hours are spent in front of a television or a computer at home. Incorporating spirituality via the worship time is a very important part of their spiritual upbringing. Use several different methods worship in your home:
  • Pray
  • Read the Bible
  • Read character building stories and bring out a spiritual application
  • Read stories about Christian missionaries and famous Christian’s lives
  • Read My Bible Friends
  • Read The Bible Story
  • Watch Veggie Tales
Love, Love, Love - They are all unique, all of your kids! And they will all respond differently to the love of God. Remember Solomon’s admonition to train them up. This is to be done in love. Let them see the love of God within you so they can model their lives after your Godly example!

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