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High Happiness
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The greeter at the church door carried out his task well: friendly, engaging, helpful. As I left him and ventured toward the doors leading into the sanctuary, a deacon laid his hand on the doorknob, then stopped before opening it and said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” I thought he looked familiar but since I’d visited this church before (now, I’d just moved to town), I figured it’s a face I saw in the crowd.

“You look familiar, but I can’t put a name with the face,” I replied. An infectious smile crossed his face as he said his name (a dignified moniker), the town where we lived at that time in the center of the United States, our church affiliation, and where we worked. More than 30 years ago! I was middle-aged at that time. He’s older now than I was then. We were a generation removed, not intimate friends, yet he recognized and remembered me. His embrace revealed to me that he was happy to encounter me again. The feeling was mutual. I felt so welcomed to this new church family. Our reunion provided a joy of high happiness.

Then he laid his hand back on the sanctuary door handle, and I entered to worship—with an added joy: reunion with a younger brother in the Lord.

Always Connected

This unexpected meeting brought to mind an expected reunion that I look forward to, when the Lord comes to take His faithful to heaven. However, Jesus won’t have to ask that question of me, “You don’t remember me, do you?” because only those who do remember Him will be in that throng. We’ve been friends for a long time. He’s been by my side and I’ve trusted Him ever since we met. Even though I’ve been sort of a vagabond, having lived across the USA, He and I have never lost touch like this fellow and I had done. We’ve always stayed connected. In essence, that rediscovered friend and I have stayed connected unknowingly because we’ve both stayed with our mutual friend Jesus.

Are you waiting for Jesus to come? Do you yearn to see Him face-to-face? Though I‘ve stayed with the church family, I got to thinking about those who have slipped away from Christian fellowship. Someone, near or far, may be waiting for you or me to recognize them with a call or a letter to let them know that they are remembered. Intercessory prayer is a wonderful option, too, one that can issue the joy of high happiness when Jesus comes—and that someone is in the multitude.

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