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Like A Deadly Flood
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One of the deadliest floods in history occurred in China in 1931. Some speak of it as the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded. Chinese sources say the death toll was around 145,000 people, but western sources place it between 3.7 and 4 million. After a couple of dry years, heavy winter snow storms followed by heavy spring rains raised river levels of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Huai River to unprecedented heights. Drowning, disease and crop devastation left inestimable damage.

Everyday another type of damage takes place in our homes. We try to minimize the impact on the hearts of the members of our households, but it does untold injury. It happens through harmful anger which can pour in like a flood and hurt spouses and children. When family members spew hurtful words toward each other, it cuts hearts and creates insecurity. We all have times of irritability, when little things happen differently than we would like. What can we do when a flood of angry emotions start to rise in our hearts?

Turn to Jesus

Turn to Jesus in prayer. Call upon the Lord for help. “Come close to God, and God will come close to you” (James 4:8 NLT). “Let him take hold of my strength…” (Isaiah 27:5 NKJV). The Bible tells us we need Jesus. “Without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5 NKJV). The moment irritability rises in our hearts, send up a silent prayer. God promises to erect a barrier against the flood of anger that wants to sweep over you.

Pray, “Help me Lord to not allow a flood of hurtful words to come out of my mouth and hurt my family members. Take away my bitterness and anger. Give me a humble and patient heart. Help me not to misunderstand my [husband, wife, children]. Let me represent Jesus by my actions and words.”

When you are ready to “let loose” and allow impatience to control your tongue, picture your words like a damaging flood that crashes forth tearing your house to pieces and knocking over your family members. Wouldn’t you risk your life to save your family if a real flood of water came? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to bring them to higher ground? When anger is knocking at the door of your heart, seek a higher place. Put up a barrier. Don’t let damaging words destroy your family.

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