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The Restful Day
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What is the most restful experience you can imagine? Perhaps it is sitting in a relaxing lounge chair underneath a shade tree while sipping on a cool glass of lemonade while browsing through your favorite magazine. Or maybe a peaceful evening is sitting around a campfire with friends roasting hot dogs, telling stories, laughing, singing, and worshiping with others. Whatever the case, we are like batteries and some activities drain us while others energize us.

Did you know that God is interested in restfulness? The Bible tells us that after creation, “Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made” (Genesis 2:3). The Lord created a time each week for people to rest and relax. It’s not a day for pursuing our occupations or conducting day-to-day activities that keep our lives running. God made a day to truly relax and experience peace. Such refreshment comes from connecting with God and that can happen in church, with friends, in nature, or even in times of being alone.

In Nature

Recently our family decided to spend a Sabbath in nature. Our son, who was soon to leave for college, is a photographer and loves taking nature pictures. His last Sabbath with our family before leaving for school in another state was to hike up to a couple of waterfalls he read about and take some photos. What a peaceful time we had driving through the mountains, stopping at a park for a picnic lunch, and then meandering up an old mountain road. We hiked to both falls when the sun was low on the horizon and he captured some breathtaking pictures. What a relaxing day!

How is your stress level? Have you found the restfulness God promised in giving us the gift of Sabbath? It’s more than a Bible teaching or commandment we are “obligated” to follow. The Sabbath gives us time to connect with God, with nature, and with friends. It’s a day to energize us physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Jesus once said, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). In other words, the purpose of the Sabbath is to bring us refreshment and joy, not a day we must “keep” in order to “earn” our salvation. Working is the very antithesis of Sabbath, a day of rest.

What is Sabbath? Just think about the most restful experience you can imagine and that will help you picture what this Day was meant to be.

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