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I’m Praying for You
Photo: Ramona Smiers
Every time I hear the Christian song, “Somebody’s Praying for You” I get a lump in my throat. Just the thought that someone cares enough about me to pray for me is comforting. There are times I actually feel that someone is lifting my name up to heaven in prayer. I’m fortunate in that I know that I have many praying friends. But I’m also cognizant that there are many other people who aren’t aware that someone is praying for them because they’ve never been told.  I want to tell you, “I’m praying for you.”

However, sometimes we say, “I’ll be praying for you”–and forget all about our promise to pray. Perhaps, you, like me have been guilty of that in the past. Maybe someone mentioned a problem or a heartache, and the busyness of the day erased the need from my mind. Later when I remembered—maybe days later, I felt such remorse. I forgot to pray! Angst about such forgetfulness caused me to resolve long ago to not forget a promise to pray. Fortunately I learned it young enough in life that praying for others became a daily part of my relationship with the Lord.

I’m well aware that only a few readers of GraceNotes website are those whom I know. Nor do you know me. Most of you live far and wide across this planet earth we jointly call home. I actually feel an excitement about praying for strangers whom I’ll most likely never meet until heaven. I’ve made it a habit to pray for you every morning when I check out the website, that as you read these succinct articles, written by diverse people, that you will be blessed abundantly. I ask that if you are burdened that it can be eased or erased—and that you will know peace.


When some of you take the time to present responses to let the rest of us know you’re blessed, we who write the articles are blessed as well. Those of you who request prayer are remembered!

There is such joy in prayer, the actual prayer itself, the speaking with God, the knowing that the prayer is winging its way to God’s listening ear, and sometimes learning about how that person for whom we pray sees God’s hand at work in their life. Such testimonies are heart-touching and rewarding in that we see God’s power manifested.

Really, we humans make up one big family—and though only four little words create the phrase, “I’m praying for you” they mean all the world to any of us in need of God’s answer to prayer—and those words can tie us together until we do meet in heaven.

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