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Good Word Joy
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Ever feel life’s luster fading? I find that if I make a deliberate effort to get the good word joy out there, that the shine returns. It’s my best antidote for staying young. It only takes sincerity. There are some people that we always thank but there are others who seldom hear words of encouragement. The Bible admonishes us of the beauty of good words, in Proverbs 25:11, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”

Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Observe a father praying in a restaurant before eating? Stop and tell him that you appreciate seeing a father leading his family in such a positive way.
  • Also, kudos for well-behaved children in public places, such as restaurants.
  • Does your health care provider make special efforts to put you at ease and explain about medicines and other health issues? Not only tell them face-to-face but drop them a written note. (My nurse practitioner  provides me with costly medicine samples that saves me a bundle each year. And she gives me samples to try before purchasing a new meds.)
  • Ever thank your garbage collectors for the job they do? Never see the collectors themselves? Write a letter to the company to express your gratefulness even if you do tell the collectors. And if you’re driving down a street and you see trash collectors hustling fast, holler out to them, “You do a great job!” Watch them smile—big!
  • What about the bagger at the grocery store? “Thanks” is always good to get but add something to it like, if it’s a young kid you might say, “Bet you’ll be the store manager someday.” Or  to an older worker, “If I owned a business, I’d hire you to work for me.”
  • Have you ever written a note of appreciation to the editor of any publication, including this onsite one? Unfortunately editors usually get far more by way of complaint than they do of thanks.
  • What about that extra beautiful lawn and garden you drive by and sigh over? Ever think to stop and tell the owner what a feast their property is to look at? They’ll love it!
  • Do you get tired of buying those fall-apart burritos at taco eateries? When you consistently get well-wrapped ones--and you know who’s fixing them, call out to that preparer and say so—and tell the manager, too. Ann, at Taco Bell, blossomed with such a compliment. She said no one ever told her that before. And I’ve never had a sloppy burrito on her watch.
The list can go on and on but these are people, mostly strangers, who may never get the good word said to them unless you do it. And you both get the good word joy!

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