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My Joy Journal
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It started with the journal that my grandfather left me when he passed away. The hard-backed covers were simple. It was the words on the front that caught at my heart. “Every day has a miracle hidden inside it.” Every time that I saw it on my night stand, I thought about miracles, and about the life that my grandfather had lived.

My grandfather was an ordinary man, but my earliest memories were of the way that he noticed the little things in life. He would draw me pictures, filled with tiny ladybugs, little flowers and illustrations of ants and how a worm becomes a butterfly. He would tell me about the sunset and show me tiny little flowers in the lawn. He inspired me with a love for the small things, and he taught me to treasure the insignificant moments. It was his journal that inspired me to start writing it all down, and I call it my joy journal.

Life is made up of everyday miracles. All the little joys that are wrapped up into each day are there for a reason: they are meant to be noticed and treasured. They are God’s gifts to us, wrapped up in ordinary things. They are there to remind us that even in a world marred by sin, we have much for which to be thankful. What started out as a simple desire to take notice of the miracles in my everyday life became more than just a habit, but a passion.

Worry Less

My joy journal has taught my heart to look for the beautiful things in life. It has taught me that while every day is not always beautiful and good, every day will have something good in it. Looking for that good has taught me to be grateful for what I have and worry less about what I don’t have. It has helped me to find contentment and happiness in the small things. Every time I open my journal, I have a picture of God’s goodness and faithfulness, through every season of my life thus far.

For me, joys are things like the way sun sparkles on dew drops, and birds sing after a rainstorm. It is things like a toddler’s laugh or getting a new book. It is finding my favorite yogurt on sale. It is anything that makes me smile, and reminds me that God cares. These are the kinds of things I write in my joy journal.

If you are looking for joy, pick up a pen and start writing. Whatever it is that brings a sparkle to your day, or makes your heart sing a little, write it down. If your day seems all bad, start counting your blessings on paper. Collect all your blessings and tuck them in between the pages of your very own joy journal.

I have long since filled that green journal with the leaf on the front, but every time I pick up my pen to write down a little bit of joy, I think of my grandfather and the inspiration his journal has been to me.

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