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Little Things
Photo: Anna Dudko
My three sons and I sat on a large rock that jutted out into a remote mountain lake. The heat of the July day had melted away. We watched as God displayed wonders in the sky that beat television.

The hardest part of our back packing trip was behind us and we were set up for three days of wilderness peace and adventure. I had just finished reading a chapter from a book on boys becoming men. Now we just laid there staring up into the heavens and talking about a bunch of little things: “Dad, what should I use for a pillow since I forgot one?” “How far away is the moon?” “Can we have huckleberry pancakes for breakfast?”

Brandon suddenly pointed to the sky, “A shooting star!” It was brilliant. The whole night sky was breath taking. It seems the further you are from manmade light, the more clearly you see God’s creation.

Kendall peered into the darkness across the lake. He thought he saw a large animal at the water’s edge. He wished he had night vision goggles.

Roll into the Lake

Craigon was lying on his sleeping pad talking about sleeping on the rock, but worried he might roll into the lake. Little things.

Life is made up of little things. Every day we make little choices that shape our lives for eternity. We may not think these little things are that important, but they make an impact, especially when little eyes are watching you as a parent. Your children see how you respond to the rude man at the gas station. They watch how many cookies you take at the picnic. They listen as you explain to your spouse how you report tax deductions. And they are tuned in when Mommy says, “I think we should turn left,” and Daddy wants to turn right.

God notices the little things, like the cup of cold water—the last cup in your water bottle—that your son shares with his little brother. The Lord sees the handful of wild salmon berries so carefully picked and shared with others when everyone is hungry for supper and there is another mile of uphill hiking. It is not beyond the attention of our Heavenly Father when earthly fathers take time to go camping with their children and just lay around and talk about little things. When is the last time you stopped and did little things with your family?

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