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Healthy Biker
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As a kid I loved to ride my bicycle. I had a black mountain bike with green and pink stripes. We lived at a boarding academy outside Loveland, Colo., in a house at the back of the campus that bordered a wheat field. There were a labyrinth of dirt roads that spread out across the farmland that led to cool springs, small creeks and clumped together trees.

I found rocks with fossils in them, bird nests with eggs and chicks, fox dens, and river spiders. I built bike jumps with mud, sat under giant shade trees and dreamed while watching the huge puffy clouds chug by. If I wasn't home eating or sleeping, I could be found on my bike riding the farmlands.

Enjoy Nature

Recently I read a report about bicycling and good health. It talked about how bicycling in particular, is a great cardiovascular workout. It gets the heart pumping and the muscles flexing. Add fresh air, sunshine and beautiful landscapes and you have a wonderful way to enjoy nature and get exercise.

I never knew as a kid that all those days spent riding around the farmlands were actually beneficial to my health. It was just fun and adventurous to be out-of-doors. Too many times in today’s fast paced society, we forget to make adequate time to spend outside or exercising, but with a bicycle you can do both at the same time.

The next time you pass that old bike in your garage, stop, dust it off, pump up the tires and take a little spin around your neighborhood. You'll notice trees, plants, and flowers that you've passed hundreds of times and never noticed, plus you'll be getting the vital exercise you need to help keep sickness at bay. Happy trails!!!

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