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God Uses Words
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How can you know someone if you do not seek to know and understand their thoughts? How can you understand motivations or purposes unless you take the time to study and understand the heart?

It is such arrogance to assume we know the heart of another because we’ve exchanged a few words or smiles or touched a hand and felt something of our own self being understood.

Long ago a dear friend said, “We don’t need words.” I understood. There was an unspeakable grief in his life. There were no words to describe its depth. But he had to use words to tell me of it when he called. And I had to use words—at least a few—to convey my comprehension of the situation.

We did need words. They were all we had to offer in long-distance communication. It was through years of “listening” to my friend’s words that enabled me to apprehend his grief and helplessness. It was through words that my friend could reach to me in my times of need.

But what if, when letters were placed in our mailboxes hundreds of miles apart, one of us just took the letters, laid them on a shelf, and never opened or read them? Just wrote, “Thank you for your letter”?

What if, for one of us, it was enough to see that stack and feel cared for and appreciated just because it was there?


What if, for one of us, the whole idea of reading letters seemed too tedious? Too boring? When a crisis came, there would truly be no words—for the one who had stopped reading had disconnected.

Millions, billions of people now have access to what is called God’s Word. But not many of those billions “open the envelope” to discover what their Friend has said inside. It is enough for them to have it prominently displayed in their place of worship or in their home.

My old friend asked me to destroy his letters when he died. There was nothing inappropriate in any of them, but I did as he requested. It was okay because I’d read and pondered every one of them—my mentor, second father, esteemed friend—and his words were written on my heart.

If a human’s caring words could be life-saving, life-changing, what about God’s? How can any one of us claim to serve God if we do not in every aspect of our lives seek to know God? None of us has it perfect. None of us sees every facet. God is too much, too great, too all-in-all for any one human to comprehend. But does that mean we should not put our whole heart and mind to apprehend all we can?

I love the promise in Jeremiah 29:13: “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

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