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Spiritual Gold Mining
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The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was discovered by James Wilson Marshall in California. When Marshall made the find he wasn’t even looking for gold. He was actually just using the force of water to widen a trench he needed for the sawmill he operated.

People don’t ordinarily find gold without looking for it. In like manner we don’t normally come across Biblical truth without a fair amount of searching. Some may advocate simply opening up the Bible and reading a passage of Scripture as their way of studying God’s Word. But the diligent student of the Bible puts far more into their search for truth in God’s Word.

Whereas the old prospectors used the pick, shovel, and a pan, the serious searcher of truth has tools to help them in the study of the Bible. In your search for truth you need to choose a good version of the Bible.
But another indispensable tool in your truth search is a concordance. A concordance is a book of words found in the Bible. Using this alphabetical reference one can look up various words, concepts, and geographical locations found in God’s word throughout the various 66 books and compare them “line upon line and precept upon precept”. This brings the reader to a much clearer understanding of the original meaning to the text.

Let’s suppose you were reading through the Bible and you read in Ecclesiastes 9:5 that “… the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten.” Perhaps a verse like this challenges the way you’ve always looked at death and dying. Maybe you thought – when you die – poof there you go, up to heaven! Now you’re challenged. So using the concordance you can look up all the Bible texts that have to do with death and dying.
Or, perhaps you come across the Ten Commandments in the Bible and you pause at the fourth one because you’re not sure which day is the Sabbath day and you’re not sure how God intended us to “Remember the Sabbath day..." (Exodus 20:8) You could read all the texts the Bible has on the Sabbath. (There are 197 of them in the Bible.)
If you are an honest searcher for truth you want to come to a clearer understanding of it. God doesn’t want us just reading the Bible. He wants us to study it and to integrate it into our way of life. Each one of us needs to take all the tools, all the talents that we possess and search for the truths in God’s Word with all our heart.

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