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Sit and Be Fit!
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If you have limited mobility, you might think that your life of exercise and fitness is over, but it isn't!

Have you ever heard of chair exercise? I hadn't until recently. In familiarizing myself with the basics of chair exercise, I learned that the biggest difference between seated exercise and regular exercise is the chair! One can definitely sit and become fit.  
Chair exercise is any exercise which takes place while seated in a chair or with the help of a chair. There is usually less strain on the legs and back during chair exercise, and it is considered a safer form of exercise for those with balance or coordination issues.

Getting older, having difficulty moving, being temporarily disabled or having back problems may make physical exercise more difficult to do. But there is no less need for exercise.

Earlier this year while researching alternative forms of exercise, one of my friends asked if I had ever tried chair marching. Quite simply; chair marching is exactly what it is called—marching, from a seated position. I tried it. I sat at the edge of a sturdy chair and moved my feet as if I were marching. Within minutes, my heart rate was up, and I could feel my muscles burning. I was surprised that not only was it an excellent workout but it was fun—especially when I added enjoyable music.

After a few sessions of chair marching, I went on a quest to find other exercises that could be done in a chair. I found there were many chair exercise options; chair yoga, chair aerobics, chair stretching, and seated strength training—all a part of developing my own personal seated workout.

Benefits of Chair Exercise

The benefits of chair based exercise mirror those of regular exercise: 
  • Better balance, increased muscle strength, better heart health, and stronger bones!
  • You can do chair exercise in limited space.
  • Chair exercise can be modified for any fitness level.
  • With exercise comes energy.
There is a wealth of information about chair exercise and its benefits on the internet. Do an internet search on "Chair Exercise", “Chair Exercise Network” or "Seated Exercise.” You will be led to numerous videos, articles and websites dedicated to the promotion of chair exercising.  

Welcome chair exercise into your life!
DISCLAIMER:  Even though chair exercise is gentler than regular exercise, it is still a good idea to run your new routine past your doctor.

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