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Give It to God
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My wife has been engrossed with reading Otto Koning’s The Pineapple Story. It relates how Koning, a missionary, had a pineapple garden. The natives kept steeling his pineapples. After much frustration, Koning gave the garden and pineapples to God. Miraculously the thefts finally stopped.

I have been reading the Biblical story of Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2. Elijah prayed for rain, and it rained. He prayed for fire, and there was fire from heaven.

These unrelated, though similar stories both show God answering very specific prayers. Seeking to emulate Koning and Elijah’s faith, my wife and I boldly asked for and received two miracles in our own lives.

Last November I acquired a used work truck, and almost immediately I discovered that every time it rained, the truck exhibited electrical problems. A friend said there was a leak somewhere causing it. Due to a tight budget constraints, there were no funds to fix the potentially expensive problem, so I refrained from driving it on rainy days and kept it covered when it rained.

One day as I prayed about various things, I thought, if Elijah prayed for rain and it rained, why shouldn’t I pray for my truck?

Torrential Downpours

Last week I realized that I had been caught driving the truck in two torrential downpours, yet my truck didn’t exhibit any electrical issues.  

This week, I forgot to park my truck inside, and it rained hard all night. The next morning I awoke with it still raining. I went out to put my truck inside and guess what…no electrical issues! Is it possible? Did God fix my truck?

Spurred on by The Pineapple Story, my wife prayed over a dishwasher that quit working. The part we discovered would be quite expensive to replace. “God’s” dishwasher, as my wife now calls it, is running again and she daily thanks Him for the use of “His” machine.

God doesn’t always answer all our prayers the way we want, but He does take care of our basic needs. The Bible says, “...his bread will be given him, His water will be sure” (Isaiah 33:16).

What a wonderful promise!

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