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A recent trip back to my hometown brought to mind anew the importance of family gatherings. My family includes dear friends, not just blood kin. My church family is as close to heart as those who share my surname and family features. People who were once total strangers fit that category as well because of chosen kinship.

Reunions, large or small, always tug at the heart as I reminisce, face–to-face, with those with whom my heart is tied. I’ve stayed in touch throughout the ensuing years with the people I call kin, but when we gather together there’s that feeling of being loved that only such association can offer. For me, there’s the knowing that any of these precious folks have my back.

My kin-coffer overflows and it’s strengthened with those hometown trips to Ohio to the home of Lela and Leonard Brown. Years ago they gave my husband and I a key to their home, “Because you’re family and we want you to feel free to come, to have a bed to sleep in, even if we’re out of town.”

Adopted Family

Actually my blood family is quite small in number and I never knew many of my blood kin but my adopted family is a huge crowd. Mom-Betty, Mom-me, Sis-Betty, Miss-Betty; I  happily answer to them all. Having lived in six states and several towns within those states help grow the numbers.

It’s a strange dichotomy about modern conveniences. We can get to where we’re going faster but it’s so costly that sometimes we can’t afford the trip. Or work or health issues may get in the way, no matter how strong the desire. Thus, we can miss out on reunions.

There’s a reunion with our heavenly kin coming up that no one has to miss, except by deliberate choice. The invitation is from Father God. He’s told us to prepare for it, to have our spiritual suitcases packed for the trip. The tickets are free to us, a gift from our Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit reminds us of the event better than any day-planner. Let’s all plan to meet there.

Bon Voyage!

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