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You Opened My Eyes
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I woke up to Your sunrise, Lord, but was so rushed for time that I only gave it a quick glance.

I passed by a pond, only taking the time to look at it briefly without stopping.
I saw a tall tree standing in the path, and simply walked around it because it was in my way.

I came upon a babbling brook, but focused on the rocks I needed to step on in order to cross it.

At dusk I looked up at the first evening stars, but they only reminded me I needed to head home before dark.

Creation Taken for Granted

But then You opened my eyes to all I had missed. How many times have I taken the majesty of Your creation for granted?

I didn’t take the time to absorb the beauty of that sunrise—the beginning of a brand new day You had made.

I deprived myself of seeing a reflection in the pond—I’d been so busy looking down that it would have shown me the sky.

I paid no attention to the tree in my path—how tall and straight it had grown, nor did I marvel at Your artwork in its bark.

The brook was crossed quickly—not noticing the way it endlessly flowed over the rocks and made beautiful music.

And the stars, Lord—how they came out one by one until the sky was filled with millions of twinkling miracles.

I’m sorry for taking all this and so much more for granted. So often I’m “on a mission” to do something or go somewhere and have passed by your creation without even giving it a second glance. Without stopping, looking, and telling you that I’m thankful.

Help me to be more like King David. By looking at Your creation, he realized how much you love us: “I often think of the heavens your hands have made, and of the moon and stars you put in place. Then I ask, ‘Why do you care about us humans? Why are you concerned for us weaklings?’ You made us a little lower than you yourself, and you have crowned us with glory and honor” (Psalm 8:3-5).

I walked by a flower today, Lord. Just a simple flower. But this time I didn’t rush by. I stopped. I looked. Lord, it was beautiful! Thank you.

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