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Send Me a Rainbow
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A childhood friend and I recently traveled to upstate New York to attend our high school reunion. While there, we planned to visit his recently widowed mother to help out with any chores she needed done before heading back out of state.

During our visit, his mom and I talked about how God yearns to reveal Himself to us and she shared a story with me.

Last year, she and her husband, were driving back from Maine to upstate New York, when they experienced a break-down two hours from their home. This required renting a car.

Back at home, my friend’s mother struggled with the decision—should she fix the car or not? She really loved her car, but it was old and she was in a quandary about whether she should put more money into it or not. Seeking advice, she asked several family members.

One son said, “Fix it!”

Another said, “Get rid of it; it’s too old and not worth fixing.”

Completely Undone

Her husband was terminally ill with cancer and she felt she had to shoulder this decision alone. She said, “I was in turmoil and felt I had reached the end of my rope…I remember feeling completely undone.”

When the mechanic called for a decision, she felt she just couldn’t make the decision. She handed the phone to her husband and said, “You’re gonna have to handle this.”

A very patient and soft-spoken man, her husband took the phone and finalized the details.

As my friend’s mother stood looking out the kitchen window, overcome with the weight she felt on her shoulders, she was overcome with the beauty of the fall leaves covering the hills surrounding their house. Thanking God for the beautiful colors, she said, “What I really need is a rainbow.” Never in all her life, had she asked God for a rainbow, but her heart was heavy, and for some reason she asked.

She picked up a dish, washed it, then glanced back out the window. There in the sky was not just any rainbow, but a clear, bright double rainbow. Although it was a sunny day, a lone cloud hovered, dropping enough rain to create the rainbow.

Her heavy heart now comforted, tears spilled from her eyes. It was just what she needed. She said, “Thank You God for caring for me and all my problems,” as she dashed to grab her camera and take a picture of the extraordinary rainbow from God.

Are you needing a rainbow in your life…it might just be a prayer away. The Bible says in Psalm 34:15: "For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer..."

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