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Clear Skies
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I recently started pursuing my degree in Nursing. As part of the program, there is a requirement of clinical hours that are spread out in several specialties of medicine. For my mental health class, our requirement was to participate in the observation and interaction of patients at a psychiatric facility. It opened my eyes to psychological thought processes that we humans have naturally, but aren’t necessarily correct.

In one of the first clinical experiences, I met a very nice, older gentleman, who contrary to my expectations was quite comfortable to talk to me about his problems. Among several problems, my patient was majorly depressed, and as we started off the very tough conversation of why he was in the facility, he looked at me and said, “I feel as if I am just starting to realize that though I thought God had turned His back on me, I turned my back on Him.” I looked at him with sincerity and gave him a moment to compose himself. As the tears started to slow down, I told him how God is our rock, always there for us even if we don’t seem to feel Him near. Even when we feel God has left us to fend for ourselves, He is right beside us, giving us strength and courage.

Exactly What He Needed to Hear

My patient looked at me with incredulous eyes, as if what I was saying to him was exactly what he’d needed to hear for so long. Our conversation continued for two more hours. I was able to help him understand that handing over control of everything, both the things that we can’t help and even the things we can, allows God to focus everything else for us. God helps us see what truly matters, and clears the fog and clutter away.

My conversation with that gentleman stuck with me for days. It had me reevaluating how I approach day-to-day life stress and issues. I started to realize that the times I felt most overwhelmed, giving everything to God, even the small things, allowed Him to give me clear skies.

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