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Bird Brain

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Chickens have it made—at least my son’s chickens do. They have a house built just for them, cozy nests, comfortable roosting shelf, food, water, yummy table scraps and a fenced-in yard. They even have maid service to keep their home and yard clean and handsome young boys to collect their eggs. Not a bad life. So, what more could they want?

I was pondering chickens while on my way to make sure the “girls” (hens) had enough food and water when I noticed one white hen was wandering around outside the chicken pen. Although safe and comfortable inside the fence, it’s dangerous on the outside: raccoons, hawks, people, and the family dog just doing what comes naturally.

My grandsons and I caught the white hen and put her back inside the enclosure. This would have been a good time to explain to pea-brained hens how dangerous being outside the fence was, but I didn’t waste my breath—they’d never understand. But it was the perfect time for an old-time object lesson for my grandsons—I’ll spare you the details.

Within the Boundaries

In truth, I’m much like those chickens. God, my family and my church family have all put up a safety fence around me and, when I choose to stay within, I’m safe. But boredom or wanderlust sets in. I push against the constraints and, since I have free will, I easily escape. How many times do I have to do this until I get it through my bird brain that true freedom is being within the boundaries?

We’re promised this protection in Psalm 91:4 in terms that even a chicken brain can understand. “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.”

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