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Collecting Diamonds
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There's an old story about two young people traveling through a wilderness when a certain wise one stopped them and gave this message. “Collect some rocks on your journey and put them in your pocket. If you will do this, tomorrow you will be both glad and sad.”

The travelers followed the advice. They picked up rocks and put them in their pockets. The next day, they discovered that the prediction given along with the advice had come true. First, when they pulled the rocks from their pockets, they discovered that they were diamonds! That was certainly the glad part. But looking at the room that had been left in their pockets, they lamented that they had collected so few.

Well, that's just a story, but it's one that can be applied to many things. To me, it illustrates very effectively our opportunities to share Jesus. You know, helping people to discover the transforming power of the Lord in our lives, changing us from just people scattered along life's path to valuable treasures illuminating a lighted road to eternal life.

There are so many people needing to know the joy of a relationship with Jesus.  We may pick up a few along our own journey and share the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. But how many more have we left along the roadside? How many more could we have fit into our “pocket?” In our busy lives, here are some ways we might keep ourselves more aware of opportunities.

  • Remember John the Baptist. John first spent time alone with God to develop his own transforming relationship with God. Then he observed human nature to learn how to best bring people to repentance. When John had been filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, he then went out to preach conversion. And John left no stones unturned. Everyone was in need of the Savior.
  • Remember that it is not we who transform stones into diamonds, but the Holy Spirit. So we can do away with any of our own preconceived notions that anyone is too far removed from God to be transformed. And we can also do away with insecurities about being unsuccessful by saying the wrong thing or offending anyone. We have no ability to produce diamonds.  We are simply called to collect  “stones” and present them to the Holy Spirit.
  • Go! The Bible says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).
In the story, the young people could not have found any stones to put in their pockets if they hadn't walked among them. We can't expect to touch lives if we don't walk among them. Hurting people are everywhere, who need to know about God. Let's fill our pockets full!

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