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Brisk Walking
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If you were offered a means of improving health that was free of charge, wouldn’t it be absolutely senseless not to accept it? Well, today I am going to offer just that. Accept it and live a better life enjoying its multiple benefits.  

Few things can offer as many improvements for free as thirty minutes of brisk walking four to five times a week. Are you willing to commit this time in order to make a difference in your future? Try it for one month. The rewards will amaze you.

Brisk walking will not only help you reach your target weight, but keep you there. It will give you a better body image and more self confidence as you see your muscles being toned and fat tissue being lost as calories are burned. While muscles strengthen, posture improves, eliminating much of that lower back stress. As you remain faithful to your commitment, you will see improvement in range of motion and flexibility as well as coordination and balance. Improvement will continue as your metabolic rate is enhanced. You will feel the increase in energy and stamina.

Another benefit is its ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure while at the same time strengthening the heart and lowering the risk of heart attack. And, it is one of the resources used to decrease the occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

Stimulates Endorphins

Not only is the body set on a path of improvement, but the mind is as well. Endorphins that aid in elevating mood and decreasing depression are stimulated. As circulation of oxygen increases, the brain becomes sharper and more focused. In addition, the risk of stroke is decreased. You can actually feel stress lifting and frame of mind improving.

A better fighting machine is created as your immune system improves as well as its transport system, the circulation. Here little fighting warriors are transported throughout the body waging war against all types of infections and trauma.

Also, brisk walking is a weight bearing exercise effective in preventing and combating osteoporosis. So, brisk walking gives you the added bonus of building bone tissue.

As your strength and stamina increase you may decide to increase the time slowly in increments of ten minutes. You may even consider a good quality pair of walking shoes. Keep this project as one you look forward to not one you dread.

A word of caution, a doctor needs to screen for any potential risks before starting any exercise program.

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