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Spice of Life
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Evelyn is 92. She resides in an assisted living home, and Mark and I transport her to church. It would be an understatement to refer to Evelyn as a typical 92-year old woman. In fact, we wondered at first if some of her stories she was sharing with us were even accurate. After all, it's easy to assume that an elderly person may not be remembering the facts just right. But Evelyn's mind is sharp, and her  memory is impressive.  

Evelyn also has a quick wit, which is both refreshing and entertaining. When we asked if it was her birthday, she replied, “Yep, all day! And I'm hoping for cake and champaign!” Now, I have to establish that Evelyn was joking  as she would never use alcohol. But she enjoys getting a reaction, and we admittedly, enjoy supplying it.

At first glance, Evelyn appears her age. Her posture is slumped, and her face is wrinkled with time. But, somehow, the more one converses with her, the more youthful she appears. For example, even through thick glasses, the way she winks at my husband carries an element of spice that melts the years away.

Interesting Life

Evelyn has had a very interesting life. As an orphan, Evelyn went to New York, and working there later, she met many famous people. “I knew Desi and Lucy, you know,” she said casually. Stunned, we asked, “You did! What were they like?” “Well,” she answered, gazing out the car window, “they were nice to me.” She then proceeded to mention names like Gloria Vanderbilt, Ethyl Merman, and others. “You could say I've been around,” she states,  then in the next breath exclaims, “Oh, look at those beautiful trees. So many shades of green!”

As entertaining as it is to hear Evelyn's stories, the ones that take our breath away are not about Desi and Lucy or their peers. It is when she speaks of her Bible work that came after her conversion that really gives us goose bumps. Speaking of what it was like to work with H.M.S. Richards, Sr., the founder of the Voice of Prophecy radio show, her countenance shines and her voice becomes earnest. “He was just like Jesus. Kind and never turning anyone away.” She will likely end any conversation with, “Well, I know one thing: one day the sky will open and there will be Jesus to take us home!” Then she will break into jubilant clapping.

Evelyn's life has been full, but it is so inspiring to see that the story above all stories that she loves to tell is the story of Jesus. No other experience tilts her head heavenward and coats her elderly voice with music like talking about Jesus. What a testimony! This world has so many things to offer to get our attention. But when it is all said and done, there is no spice in life like a life with Jesus!

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