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A Bit of Green
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As I picked up a small pepper plant at the store, my wife noticed a tiny bit of green nestled on top of the dirt. I was about to flick it out of the pot when my wife interjected on its behalf.

"Don't throw that away!" she exclaimed as if I was about to dispose of costly jewels.

"Why not?" I queried.

"It's a beautiful flower," she replied.

I looked at the crumpled leaf which had scarcely a stem attached. It looked like someone had gotten a little carried away with the hedge trimmers at the greenhouse and this was one of the casualties.

Upon inspecting the casualty closer I noticed that not only was this leaf crumpled, but it had been nearly severed in two.

"Be careful with it," my wife implored.

I looked at the leaf. I looked at my wife. I looked at the leaf again and then at my wife's pleading eyes.

When I paid the clerk my wife confessed that we had found an orphan plant that needed some TLC. The lady assured her it was all right to take the dried leaf home with us.

Wax Leaf Begonia

Once we arrived at home my wife encouraged me to stick the wilted leaf in a bottle of water. A few weeks later I noticed a Wax Leaf Begonia sticking out of that same container.

"How'd that get there?" I asked pointing at the flowery plant.

"Don't you remember? You put it there," she replied.

"Now don't tell me that's the same little dried leaf that was acting as mulch alongside my pepper plant," I shook my head incredulously.

"Isn't it amazing?" her sapphire eyes gleamed.

Perhaps that small segment of silage is a bit like us at times. Occasionally we get chopped down, cut to the quick, and cast aside. And then God, the Master Gardner finds us. Does He just throw us on the compost pile? No. According to the prophet, Isaiah, "A bruised reed he will not break..." Isaiah 42:3.

When God looks at us, what do we look like to Him? Are we like that pathetic little shredded leaf? Is that what He sees when He looks at each of us? Or does God look deeper? Does He envision the potential we having lying dormant deep within? Does He see the vibrant blossom bearing being we can become?

I'm so glad God doesn't just see an old dried leaf when He looks at each one of us. I'm glad He looks at our potential.

When God comes near to us He doesn't dispose of us. He's there to save us. He's there to pick us up. He's there to put us where we can be watered by His Holy Spirit. And as we accept His Spirit He watches in eagerness trying to catch a glimpse of the spiritual growth in our lives. Eagerly He looks for us to sprout, to mature, and to bear fruit.

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