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Precious Lost Coins
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When I was about six years old I lost something very precious to my mother. Her uncle gave her about a dozen coins, he collected from his travels around the world. Mom showed me the coins one day and I was fascinated by the strange markings from faraway places. She carefully told me, “These are not for play. They are to stay in this little box in my dresser.” She knew how much little boys were tempted to play with things they shouldn’t.

A few months later my brother and I decided to go to a nearby park and play a game of “cops and robbers.” Of course, to make our play more real, the “robber” needed something to “steal.” A thought popped into my brain. “Why not take just a few of Mom’s special coins and put them back when I’m finished. It will make our play much more fun.” I reasoned to myself, “I will be careful and put them back.” Famous last words.

Confessed My Sin

About one month later my mother happened to look in that little box of coins and noticed about half of them were missing. She immediately approached me and I confessed my sin. We went to the park and searched everywhere for the missing coins and never found them. I felt bad. I did not respect my Mom’s personal property. She forgave me. I still wonder about those lost coins. Did someone else find them? Are they still laying somewhere beneath a layer of dirt in a park where I grew up?

Jesus once told a story about a lost coin. It was part of a woman’s precious dowry given to her when she married. Her coins meant a great deal. One day she lost a coin. After turning her little home upside down she found the missing piece of silver. She was so excited she called her friends and neighbors so they could rejoice with her. Then Jesus said, “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10).

This story is meaningful to me because I was someone who lost some coins that were precious to my mother. It hurt her heart for me to carelessly take something special to her and lose it. How much more must our heavenly Father feel pain when we, children of God, become lost in the rubbish of this world? May we never contribute to anyone getting lost. May we be searchers for the valuable people that Jesus emptied the coffers of heaven to purchase.

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