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The Caffeine Fix
Photo: Antonio Palomares
Some years back I cut caffeine out of my diet altogether and I've never looked back since.

Back in those days, as any normal teenager would, I treated myself quite often to soft drinks, coffees and caffeinated teas and for a time really had no side effects to speak of. I played sports, went on hikes, had pretty normal sleep patterns, and felt physically pretty good. But as I got into my twenties and up, my metabolism began to slow, my stress levels picked up, and I began to feel more tired, cranky and lethargic.

I hadn't really taken a hands-on approach to my diet yet and was perplexed as to why I felt this way. I came to the conclusion (like twenty-somethings often do) that this must be what it feels like to grow old. Little did I know that my soda fix was poisoning me at a very slow rate.

Felt More Healthy

A few years passed this way and I began to put on weight. Finally the light bulb in my head went on. One day while drinking a soft drink at a fast food joint, I realized that the soda in my hand, loaded to the gills with refined sugars, syrups, artificial flavors and caffeine was a pretty potent chemical cocktail and that I was paying my hard earned money basically to poison myself. Then and there from that day forward, I vowed to cut soda, and other caffeinated drinks out of my diet completely. At first it was tough, I liked soda, it was fun to drink, but I stood my ground and  boy did I ever get results. I lost 30 pounds, I felt more energetic, my mind was clearer and overall I felt more healthy.

There's an explosion of obesity and diabetes in our world today, and there are many reasons for that. Lack of exercise, proper sleep, balanced diet, plenty of water, fresh air and sunshine, are just a few things people need to account for and work on.

Caffeinated drinks is where it all started for me, that was just the tip of the iceberg, but cutting caffeine out of my diet started me down a path to better health. It can be overwhelming trying to change your whole lifestyle, so pick one area in your life that you can improve and the rest will follow.

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