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The Called
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Often we hear the expression used, “called by the Lord.” What does being called mean? Does it mean hearing an audible voice? Does it mean ordination, dedication, consecration? Does it mean mentoring by others who have lived the Christian life? Is the Lord calling only for those who serve in organized church work?  Can a plumber, a taxi driver, or a waitress be “called”?

Certainly “the calling” criteria fits all of the above—and this is why. Romans 8:28 presents a strong case that the call is for all those who love God. “And we know that all things work together for the good for those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Personally, I never understood how all things could work for the good in my life—until I understood that God calls me. And I didn’t understand that until I knew that He loved me and I responded by loving Him. That is what makes all things good. Did I hear His voice audibly? No. Yet I did hear through people just like me, who learned to love God through His word. My heart was drawn to Him. However, I find that I draw even closer when I share with others the very things that connected me to Christ.

Called to Love, Honor and Worship

God’s constantly calls us through His Word which establishes a love and honor relationship. In Isaiah 43:1, we read of the intimacy God desires with us, “…I have called you by your name; you are Mine.” Romans 9:25 assures us, “I will call them my people.” (italics added). The calling to be His is offered to everyone, to enjoy a loving bond with Him. Does he call us all to do the same work in life? Certainly not everyone who discovers that God loves them is going to become an ordained pastor. Yet we are all called to love, honor and worship God.

So how do we do this? With intentional prayer, asking God to give us the opportunities He wants us to enjoy through what we call service to others. Usually it’s the simplest acts that reach hearts. You may be called to work in a soup kitchen to feed the hungry; I may be called to be hospitable at the door of my church to welcome those who come to worship. You may tutor someone in reading literacy; I may teach them to write. You may bake a loaf of bread for a new neighbor, and I may cook a pot of hearty soup for someone who is unable to cook at all.

Thus, we need to have our spiritual antennae raised to be aware, as not to miss the opportunities that come our way to share Jesus’ love with others. In addition, we may be surprised because it might be in a brand-new way, different than we ever felt “called” before. I want Jesus to call me His, how about you?

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