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A New Comfort Zone
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God has given us one body and one mind to last a lifetime. The question is, how long will our lifetime be, and what quality will it have? Is there anything we can do to increase our prospects?

The Creator knows exactly what our body needs for peak performance and longevity. He created every cell to function in a perfect manner, and if we follow His guidelines, He will help us keep our body at its best. He provides us with the necessary instruction but will not force even the best of things on us.

Our mind and body are maintained by what we eat and drink, so in the natural flow of things, it is easy to see that longevity and health are immensely influenced by our diet  Unfortunately, at meal time, healthy choice is not the governing factor in our selections. Much of the time it is old favorites we succumb to.

Scriptures reveal the best foods for building sturdy bones and robust muscles. Fruits, nuts, and grains were given to Adam and Eve in the garden, but when they no longer had access to the Tree of Life, God supplemented their needs with vegetables. After the flood when vegetation was destroyed, clean meats were added. But today, with the occurrence of unhealthy meat ranging from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (mad cow disease) to (Escherichia coli) E-coli contamination, it is wise to adjust our intake accordingly.

Incorporate in Our Lives

This knowledge is only worthwhile if we incorporate it into our lives. For us, losing friends to death, made us more aware of our mortality. We tried addressing several areas of our health at once and we were promptly overwhelmed and frustrated. Each time we embarked on a plan, it quickly failed. There had to be a road to success somewhere?

We finally decided to work on just two areas, diet and exercise. This is when we discovered that there is a vast difference between diet with exercise, and lifestyle change. Our lifestyle was our comfort zone. If we were going to be successful, we had to create a new comfort zone.

We agreed to bring only healthy food choices into our home. This is a no brainer, but makes a world of difference. Next, we prepared simple foods simply. We chose various salads containing the kind of nutrition that comes only in raw foods. Numerous varieties of homemade soups with an assortment of vegetables and legumes (beans, peas, lentils) proved to be both filling and delicious. We discovered healthy desserts containing grains, nuts, seeds, and honey that are scrumptious. Fruits can be prepared into countless tasty recipes. Remarkably, we spent less time in the kitchen and less money at the market.

We added exercise we enjoyed and varied it so we didn’t get bored.

It is never too early or too late to begin our journey to add years as well as vitality to our life. Our Lord is willing and able to bless our journey into a healthier comfort zone.

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