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Reader's Comments (2011)
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Comments for article:  Emanuel: Dios con Nosotros
Roberto Tejada. Dec 30, 2011.
The message I just read was very nice and inspiring. Thank our God for these words today - will help me in my spiritual life. I will share with my family. May God bless you.

Comments for article: Would I Know Him?
Lois Pecce. Dec 26, 2011.
What a powerful message!

Comments for article: Reduce Death Risk
Venice Johnson. Dec 18, 2011.
I agree - wear your seat belt, but if my son was wearing his seat belt on the night of his accident he would be a dead man today. He moved out of his seat in a spilt second when he saw what was coming at him. That is why he is here to tell the story. I thank God for saving him.

Comments for article: Immanuel: God With Us
Daniel Laflair. Dec 15, 2011.
Very thought provoking. I especially liked the analogy of how the husband didn't move. Shows that we are always the ones moving away from God.

Comments for article: Would I Know Him?
Carol Magboo. Dec 13, 2011.

Comments for article: Sexual Drive
Astrid. Dec 10, 2011.
I agree with what you suggested. I also would advise the youngster not only to avoid movies, books and friends who will encourage premarital sex and masturbation but also to be involved in good activities within the church and also to do physical excersice. Keep good friends and to do sports.

Comments for article: Ashamed
Tanya. Dec 8, 2011.
I loved this article that is from Gracenotes! It's timing was amazing! I battled this same position in a different nature just last night! God speaks to us in many ways and this is His message to me loud and clear!

Comments for article: Sudden Collapse
Raul. Dec 8, 2011.
Good analogy of the sinkhole. All I can say, and agree with you is that we must pray and stand firm in the Word of God, which is the only permanent rock that will give us stability in the middle of this world. God blesss you for such a good article.

Comments for article: Lottery Guy
KW. Dec 7, 2011
"Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed" (John 6:27). I remember reading where Jesus fed the people and the next day they came looking for him, not to hear His words but to get something. He told them you are looking for me to get your belly full. then He said the above text. Many of us have this problem. I would like to win the lottery too, yet, it is a gamble. We cannot count on this even if we prayed for it and prayed everyday. God didn't intend for us to get our money this way. At the same time the lottery was developed by someone that was poor and the state took it over and began to tax it. "A good man leaves an inheritance to his childrens children and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just" (Proverbs 13:22).

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Onlymyopinion. Dec 6, 2011
I wonder, was this really a 'true story' or just a conveniently made up story; do teenagers really sit 'near the front row' in your church? And how stupid would they have to be to kiss in the middle of the sermon?

Comments for article: Ashamed
Teresa. Dec 3, 2011.
I love this. A very good message.

Comments for article: Ashamed
Maria M. Suarez. Dec 3, 2011
Thank you sooooo much for this article. I found it to be very inspiring. It was a tough decision, but you did what was right. The beautiful lessons that God taught you (and us, as readers) are beautiful and necessary for our spiritual growth. Being critical about the decisions, the words, the actions of people only makes things worse for the person. We must act cautiously when it comes to people, we need God's Spirit to know how to respond to the different situations and the different people. When you think about how Jesus dealt with Mary Magdalene when she was found in sin, we see that he was in touch with Mary's feelings as well as with the feelings of those around her...the ones that were ready to stone her.   He didn't directly tell them what their particular sins were....he just wrote down the sins in the sand and the Spirit of God convicted them without Jesus even saying a single word to them directly...finally when all had dropped their stones and were gone, he finally spoke to Mary...and he did so with much love and care. I believe you acted wisely in handling the situation and though I don't know you, I am very proud of you for taking that approach.

Comments for article:  Sheep or Goat?
Carrol. Dec 3, 2011.
This is deep a article with some real food for thought and refection. Is it love or works? Sure does make one think of the equality of all persons, to reflect and think of: How we determine whom we will or won't help, and why we choose those"?

Comments for article: Cry With Me
Jim R. Davis. Dec 1, 2011
This is a very beautiful article. For me, it is a truly inspirational piece. It can be a true blessing for fellow believers in Christ. It can be a reminder of how we are to be in our relationship with each other - even in the face of death.

Comments for article: Ashamed
Rich Stanley. Dec 1, 2011
Actually you sound conflicted, like you you don't have enough faith to do the right thing and just take it down and tell anyone that see's you taking it down that it was the wrong message your church wanted to reflect. It was a mistake regardless who's feelings get hurt. You have an obligation to do the right thing.

Comments for article: A House Built on Sand
Ron Reese. Nov 29, 2011
Hi Bob, Ron here. Love the simplicity of this story. And you're so right. Our reputation is who people think we are. But our character is who we really are. May we grow strong in Jesus as we nurture on His Word!

Comments for article: Start Packing
Celeste. Nov 26, 2011.
Thank you for the reminder. It touched me in many ways. I am looking on moving to Alaska, when I am finished with my education. I have explored Bethel and surrounding areas via internet. As I look at my house I know there is so much we do not need. By the way how many people in your church family?

Comments for article:  How Will Jesus Return?
rayshawn. Nov 16, 2011.
I know how Jesus will return; just pray for me so that I can recieve the Holy Spirit. Thank you ...

Comments for article: Follow the Leader
Nancy Phatsimo Morukuru. Nov 16, 2011.
Indeed God is amazing. We are to trust in Him whole heartedly since we are living in the last days. We are to pray and watch lest we become or fall into the devil's evil. We are told in the Bible that failure to pray is a signauture of destruction. May the good Lord bless you as you are trying to educate people about His tender love and mercy through modern techonolgy. We are to go out and preach the Word so that we can bring lost sheep to the fold.

Comments forarticle: The Power of Touch
Jennifer Lett. Oct 29, 2011.
A very beautiful and enlightening experience, one that I can relate to in my forty-two-year relationship with my husband and also with my children. There is a joy and peace that accompanies that special touch, a love that sometimes words cannot express!! The world today could do with a lot more of that, geniune love and affection without payback. Grace and peace to all.

Comments for article: God's Right Hand
Linda. Oct 26, 2011
Thank you for this article, I often wondered about the significance of the "right hand". I sometimes feel out of place when I raise my left hand in praise at church. (I know its silly) but, its true and I even switch hands when I think about it. lol
Thanks again

Comments for article: Room for Seniors
Kay Christiansen. Oct 24. 2011
Thank-you for posting this article! We can learn so much from the elderly if we take the extra effort to connect with them on a personal level. I especially liked the suggestion to HUG them more!

Comments for article: Walk With Jesus
BG Jenkins. Oct 23, 2011
This is an excellent example of Jesus' walk on the earth being brought into modern day times. Thanks so much for your wisdom and insight!

Comments for article:  Room for Seniors
Betty Kossick. Oct 22, 2011
This is the best article I've read about practical consideration of elder care. One doesn't have to be visiting in your home to employ these ideas. Thank you, Karen, for writing it.

Comments for article: The Shepherd
Lois Pecce. Oct 18, 2011.
What an awesome revelation of our own Good Shepherd! You brought me to the mountainside with you: remembering my"sheep" condition and listening to the gentle Voice.

Comments for article:  Send Me
Michael. Oct 12, 2011.
As a former volunteer EMT, I can relate to this article. I really liked it, and it made me look at my religious commitment in a new light. Thank you, to the writer.

Comments for article: Vegetarians
blasome. Oct 8. 2011
Great info.

Comments for article:  Blessed Adversity
GodisGood. Oct 8, 2011
It's truly a blessing to read that the man in the "Blessed Adversity" article...Bad things happen to us too. God doesn't always answer our prayers with a "yes" but we should love and serve him anyway. These "I-have-God-so-he-blessed-me-right-away" stories are nice but they're not every Christian's reality. No matter what happens to us we must love and serve God anyway.

Comments for article: Récompenses célestes
Ravelo. Oct 4, 2011.
It seems when I read your article that we need to win the salvation with our efforts. Doesn't that encourage people to believe the doctrine about salvation through work ?

Comments for article:  Living Extraordinarily
Edde Adams. Sept 26, 2011.
You sparked the idea on how to have a mental lift any day of the week. I like those ideas. It really doesn't take much money to be creative in this mind-boggling world that we find ourselves in because of sin. Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring. There's truly life at the end of the tunnel. One must be willing to invest in it.

Comments for article:  Olvidar el Pasado
Hernan Jaime Henriquez Sanchez. Sept 25, 2011.
Thanks for this article. When the past is sad and beautiful we know that we have someone who doesn't forget. Reading this has given me the courage to forget a storm in my past. Thanks and God bless.

Comments for article:  Woe is Me
yang-hyun, kang. Sept 23, 2011
No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. It is important for all. First of all, we have to believe God in our life. Whenever we fall in some hard place, we have to depend on Him more. I am Korean. I learned of God from Mark and Deanna Dekle who were in South Korea.

Commnent for article: Perplexing Questions
Elizabeth. Sept 23, 2011.
Thanks for the article Perplexing Questions. I so needed this. It made me smile!

Comments for article:  Woe is Me
Frances. Sept. 18, 2011.
Dee, anyone can praise God for answered prayer, when things are going great or when we feel on top of the world.  Thank you for writing this article in the midst of your "temptation" to doubt God. That's pretty courageous! God always brings us through. He grows us in the valley, not on the mountaintop. Evidently He trusts you enough to put you in that position, where you're dependent on Him completely and not on yourself. I'll remember to pray and thank God through Christ for you each time I think of your article...

Comments for article:  Woe is Me
Claire. Sept 15, 2011.
Hi Dee - Your little thought was great - and then when I got to the bottom and saw it was written by Dee Litten-Reed - that made it extra special.  And all this bonus coming from just wanting to bookmark my Hendersonville (NC) church's website!! Would love to hear from you!!  Love ya, Claire

Comments for article: Second Chance
Lois Pecce. Sept 11, 2011.
What a precious lesson. God has given all of us second chances. May even corporate bosses remember that!

Comments for article: Like Scratchy
Roxanne. Sept 5, 2011.
Boy, you hit the nail on the head! That is exactly right and how I feel. Thanks Scratchy!! God will continue to work with each of us.

Comments for article: Maps
Betty Kossick. Sept 2, 2011
"Maps" is an excellent article. I've moved too many times on this earth—and currently in the process again. I'm looking forward to settling down in heaven. Yes, God's road map is the only one to travel for our safe pilgrimage to our home with Jesus, the one that Abraham looked forward to seeing. Oh, for that day!!!!

Comments for article: The Perfect Mate
Matt. Aug 30, 2011.
This article has both sweet and bitter assumptions imbedded in it. I will begin with bitter assumptions. In our society today, where men are more and more bashed and negatively stereotyped, we see and hear this all too often as presented by far fetched polemic quantifiers like "Most men", "all men" "men think"and so on. This makes most men feel alienated and actually intellectually and spiritually unappreciated. On the brighter side of your article nonetheless, It teaches us all to be good listeners, both men and women equally. Let no woman make a man her victim or let no man make a woman his victim. Let them both truly complement each other as our Creator intended. Let us listen twice as much as we talk to each other. God bless you all!

Comments for article:  Bring the Children
Sullena. Aug 30, 2011
Actually there those who do not require their child to learn how to count to ten or even go to school. This is becoming quite common - it is called "unschooling"  The parents are 'facilitators' as opposed to teachers and the children learn what they want, when they want for as much time as they want...or not. There was an article about it on MSN just this morning, I do not know if this site allows links or else I would include the address, but if you type "unschooling" into any search engine you'll see it pop up. Last year there was quite a sensation when a family promoted the unschooling lifestyle on one of the morning talk shows. Children are raising themselves, but since it has the guise of being free - there's not much back lash.

Comments for article:  Jesus' Hands
Lois Pecce. Aug 29, 2011
What a hurting, loving visual image these words bring. How I look for those hands to welcome me to the Kingdom!

Comments for article:  Pickles or Prayer
Jean Soper. Aug 27, 2011.
This is so amazing, I was looking for a church in the Seattle area as I was visiting my son here and have been on a recent Maranatha trip and was on this website and the pickle articles caught my eye as I am from Iowa. I read the article and it is very good and wondered if it would give the author and it did...she is my first cousin!! and lives in the town where I was born and raised. Thank you Gwen for the pickles.  I had the same experience today, except was able to contact my lady later in the day.

Comments forarticle: I Am Not Ashamed
Gerry Buck. Aug 25, 2011
I can relate to this. When I decided to be baptized, and was, I informed the place where I was working at the time that I could no longer work on Sabbath [Saturday to them] and was laid off and never called back. The circle of friends I had avoided me like the plague, and a few even yelled at me to stop preaching at them. I had never said a word to them. My grandmother [a woman I had loved and had a special connection with from birth] was concerned and didn't understand why I wouldn't work on the 7th day. Reading this has reminded me that I am not the only one had a hard time from friends and family. Thank you for sharing.

Comments for article:  Butterflyhood
Kristy. Aug 22, 2011
Stunning, Stunning, Stunning. Thank you

Comments for article:  I Am Not Ashamed
Matthew. Aug 20, 2011
Praise the LORD!

Comments for article:  The King is Coming!
Kenley Ambroise. Aug 8, 2011
I really like this article! :)

Comments for article:  Her Foot in His Hand
Debbie. Aug 7, 2011
That truly is a beautiful way to tell others about the comfort & love offered to us, by our Lord. The little girl who sat in Messiahs (statue) hand....told me we are all being encouraged to sit with the Lord, whether at his feet, or next to him. He's extending his hand in love & friendship, and he wants us to be comfortable, and feel excepted in his presence. I imagine how it would be, having our Messiah sitting across from me, having an actual converstaion with him. The questions I would love to ask.....numerous!!!

Comments for article:  Lottery Guy
Susan Gioia Smith. July 29, 2011
No Christian would pray for someone else to sin--and that is what gambling is--sin! We are to be stewards of what God gives us, trusting Him to supply all of our needs. A man is to earn a living by the sweat of his brow, not getting money through unjust means, for that is, in fact idolatry. The Bible says "gamblers engaged in every form of trickery." If you were to pray for someone to win the lottery, you yourself would become a partaker of his evil deeds.

Comments for article:  Stain Removal
Lucy. July 29, 2011.
Just to let you know that peroxide will get most blood stains out of clothing. Great stories by the way.

Comments for article:  To Life!
Tamara L.F. July 27, 2011.
I really enjoyed your article. My mama used to say she stayed young by being around and being an active part of young lives. I believe it. Among the people, the elders help to raise the young. I still see it happening here today, it is not lost. It is the first time I visited this part of the site. I will visit more often. To the writer of the article, God Bless. You and your husband I know are making a difference!

Comments for article:  Words that Heal
Sharon Miller. July 26, 2011.
Love this!!!

Comments for article: Praying is Free
Bea. July 24, 2011.
It is absolutely astonishing. It reminds me of the Pharisees of ancient Israel, selling white doves and spotless lambs for sacrifice on the grounds of the synagogues. I am thinking the only reason some poor (and I mean poor in spirit) people might pay some organization to pray for them is because they feel unworthy to come to God personally. I am thinking that we should take advantage of this spot in the newspapers, call the paper and ask that they place our ad right next to it and announce Prayers for Free!! with the option if they would like someone to contact them personally. May the Holy Spirit be our guide.

Comments for article:  Football Folly
David McCary. July 22, 2011
This was a good story, it does teach the lesson that some of our decisions can be not too well thought out. It makes me want to weigh my options more. The ending lesson however rubs against my grain a bit. it sends a message of fear; ''if you don't choose wisely, your eternal life is in jeopardy, so watch out". That picture implicates God as a ''do this or else'' type of God. Could this message be wrong?

Comments forarticle:  Tune-Up
Betty Kossick. July 21, 2011.
"Tune-up" is a much needed devotional. Thank you for writing it. "Tune-up" speaks to any area of our life in which we neglect God. If He isn't the cog to turn the wheel of whatever road we travel, we run on low---and we will eventually break down and need repairs. Better that we keep our friendship with Him in the best repair, new every morning! And, when we tune-up with God, as with an orchestra as you equated it, the resulting music is exquisite and beats anything the car radio offers!

Comments for article: The Grip of Appetite
Terri, July 19, 2011.
It has helped to motivate me.

Comments for article:  Why Be a Christian?
Seminarian, July 14, 2011
And here I thought the whole point of following Jesus was to learn the value of self-sacrifice for others. All I see on this page are personal, self-centered reasons go become Christian. Because Jesus can take care of my past? To guarantee my future?

How about "...to help the widowed and the orphans." When is the last time Christians have marched onto the banking industry and raised an outcry to heaven about the way the financial system and capitalism gone awry have destroyed the lives of millions? Or about the fact that access to basic healthcare is a privilege ultimately based on income and not a right?

There is something broadly amiss when Christianity focuses intently on personal salvation. Remember...Moses was willing to have himself damned on behalf of Israel in order to save Israel. Doesn't that parallel and embody the teachings of Jesus when he argues that in order to save one's life, one must be willing to lost it? Or the fact that when confronted with the questions of when the end would be, he bypassed an wrote off apocalyptic events as only the birth pangs and that the end would only come when the Gospel has been made a witness? What is the Gospel of Jesus? Isn't it one that champions the poor and the marginalized and the outcast to the point of risking one's own life in order to champion equality?

Christianity has become yet another way of embodying basic, human self-centeredness.

Comments for article:  Another Man's Wife
Lynette S Babah. July 10, 2011
I am so blessed with that statement. I have a teenage son and daughter and have had the privilege of talking to them. But what about the many children who do not have this kind of right advice and directives. In my church I have 30 young adults between 16-23 attending Master Guide class and I am trying my best to understand relationship too but I lack resources. Thank you. God bless your mininstry.

Comments for article: Grandpa Smiled
Judy Brown. July 9, 2011
What a beautiful story!! I lost my husband last July and your story reminded me of him. He also was that kind of grandpa. Beautiful smile and kind loving person. He touched so many people in so many different ways. Thank-you for sharing such an up lifting story. May God richly bless you.

Comments for article:  The Course You Choose
Enoch. July 8, 2011
Wonderful message servant of God. The message has helped me make a decision on the course I choose [my career]. Thank you and God bless you.

Comments for article:  Minute to Win It
Anonymous. July 7, 2011
Praise the Lord for His amazing grace!

Comments for article:  Another Man's Wife
Brien Blake. July 6, 2011
Very good article. I only wish we could hear this message ring from every church podium in America. I sat behind two teenages last week and couldn't help but notice how hands on they were. All the baggage they will take to their future spouses if they don't remain together is saddening.

Comments for article:  Another Man's Wife
Henry. July 6, 2011
The preacher did what was right , amen to that.

Comments for article:  Grandpa Smiled
Elvin Morales. July 6, 2011
Thank you for those words of inspiration. They reminded me of what to strive for.

Comments for article:  Grandpa Smiled
Keith Crews. July 5, 2011
Good article, great beginning.

Comments for article:  Grandpa Smiled
Connie Smith. July 5, 2011
Daniel, you're the best! continue to let God use you.

Comments for article: Skywriting
Brian. Jun 28, 2011
People spend a fortune or get so obsessed trying to know "their Plan". Maybe it isn't so much what we should do as who we should be and what we should avoid. I have had my temptations but at the same time prayed to do or have God's will done. When my wrong-thinking did not materialize to wrong actions I was frustrated and felt unhappy with God. But later I was glad my will did not materialize. God knows what is right for us. Like most parents for their children but much, much more. Bless you for this guidance and prayer.

Comments for article: Apple Seeds
Fritz. Jun 27, 2011
This is the best I have ever seen this said.

Comments for article:  The Commoner
Gloria Battick. Jun 25, 2011
I did not see the Royal Wedding nor did I know the story behind Kate. But, I did see some pictures and I remember thinking "how beautiful and "Regal" she looks". What an inspiring way to reiterate my position with Christ. The journey is rough for me but by His grace I will one day live with my KING! Thank-you so much!

Comments for article:  Permanent Marker
Gloria Battick. Jun 25, 2011
Beautifully written! It certainly touched my heart and blessed me!

Comments for article:  Another Man's Wife
Tasha Long. Jun 24, 2011
I know the feeling - ending up with the wrong one. It happened to me. Now its like I have no peace and wonder why. Being alone for so long I just needed companionship - someone to relate to but it has it turned out that he cheated. But I realize that God never cheated and He is always there. Now I am praying for the right one and that I would know that he is the right one.

Comments for article: Living as I Wait
U. Crowe. Jun 24, 2011
Your family will be in our prayers.... Work is so hard to come by these days... I read your letter while looking into churches to see if there were a outlet for asking for things. We are looking for a male who would like to garden, help with the yard in exchange for for a very small living space... it is so hard to find someone who does not smoke, use alcohol, use drugs  (presciption/or illegal)... I have been praying for a year now... and just started to look... I hope you find a very good job. but more important than a job, is family. I stay close by our parents in Habersham County Georgia...we could have made much more money moving... but I decided to make my employment work around my family atmosphere... and church was very important to us.. These days I find the Hope Channel very much meets my spiritual needs... so make sure you and your family are your primary focus after God. Some one reminded me one day that I could hook one of those $200,000 jobs and you certainly will be earning it... at the family cost.. I don't want to miss out on my family..... so I am happy making about $24,000 instead... and very happy working with my family, cooking full time for the first time in my life, gardening and experimenting (aquaponics, raised beds etc.), I even have 10 chickens who jump into my arms every morning when i go out to feed them... God Speed.

Comments for article: The Commoner
Waisele. Tuinakelo, Jun 20, 2011.
I like the article, I also agreed with it. Even though we are not worthy of the royal family here on earth, we are worthy in God's eyes who is our father in heaven... thanks a lot.

Comments for article: Royal Mothering
sopsas, Jun 18, 2011.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture of the task of motherhood. As we care for and grow up our children in Christian homes we are constantly reminded that having children is a gift from God and we have a duty to nurture these children and grow them up in the fear and admonition of God.

Comments for article: Skywriting
Morel Williams, Jun 18, 2011.
"I was willing , but I didn't know which way to go". That is *precisely* how I feel and this devotional has helped me tremendously! I appreciate you allowing God to use you.

Comments for article: Royal Mothering
Brien Blake, Jun 16, 2011.
Although a very reflective article and thought, I must take a different opinion than it. The lifestyle these people live, and knowing that Kate and Will lived with each other for six or so years should make any Christian parent shudder. My heart would break to stand there and watch my daughter marry into such a lifestyle as that of what Kate will now be in. The question is, 20 years, will her husband still be faithful to her? In a Godless society, God cannot reign and I would cry to see my child enter such an earthly "glorious" life.

Comments for article: God's Weapon
Joseph Rospapa, Jun 14, 2011.
If you are going to talk about weapons and the Gospel, not to mention Luke 22:36 (a sword was more important than your coat) is being condescending or trying to mislead. Today, a handgun, shotgun, or rifle has replaced the sword [as] defensive and not offensive weapons.

Comments for article: Potato Sack
maxine, Jun 12, 2011.
A saying I heard years ago helped me understand the adverse consequences I experienced from not being able to forgive 'holding onto anger is like holding on to a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else .. the only one who is burnt is yourself.' Letting go and forgiving is very healing and liberating. It doesn't mean we have to forgive and forget' cause if we do it keeps the way open for others to continue their abusive treatment of us.

Comments for article: The Glass Slipper
maxine, Jun 12, 2011.
Thank you for your encouraging words. Although slightly younger than 70, I also am praying for a new ministry/career as I feel I have completed the one God brought me to 15 years ago. I know He will direct me to where He knows I am needed and I thank Him in advance.

Comments for article: Where You Belong
Gogo Samuel, Jun 8, 2011.
Blessed is the family that calls God's name. His law and His will is in their heart. God lives with them.

Comments for article: Bumper Stickers
Lucile Duckworth, Jun 1, 2011.
Life is wonderful...my bumper sticker says "Believe in God and He will work it out" Romans.

Comments for article: Dios, los Gorriones y Usted
joaquin mosqueda corregidor, May 31, 2011.
I think the sparrows, are special because they are able to feel the inner peace of the people, and this demonstrates the potential ability to humble them. Yo creo que los gorriones, son especiales porque son capaces de sentir la paz interior de la gente, y esta demuestra la posible capacidad de humildad de ellas.

Comments for article: Breath of Anger
Rob, May 25, 2011.
cool site

Comments for article: Learning from a Bird
gordon , May 25, 2011.
Nice article. anything having to do with nature or animals especially birds of the air intrique me...love to remember this...I will need Gods help in tht area.

Comments for article: Learning from a Bird
Virginia Ann Duquette, May 24, 2011.
Amen, and thank you! And, if we think we are in control......nature will provide profound reminders that we are not! We sometimes need to be reminded, and reminded to turn some things over to the Creator who is!

Comments for article: If You Really Knew Me
Yvonne, May 16, 2011.
I am so very glad that God really knows me and loves me. This message really made my day. Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love. I, Yvonne, love you with my whole heart.

Comments for article: A Mother's Dilemma
Shannon Erickson, May 14, 2011.
Thank you for reminding me of the fact that we have to let go of our children and let them make their own mistakes and choices. My husband and I are having to learn this with our oldest(19) who joined the National Guard last summer after graduating from HS and is making choices that go against what we have taught him. Difficult to let go but we really don't have a choice in the matter. God willing, he will come back to Him.

Comments for article: Friends or Not?
Mwaya Zebedee, May 14, 2011.
True friends will never let you commit sin. I too recall how I almost lost my life in alcohol, but my friend adviced me the dangers of it.

Comments for article: Heart's Desire
Jeanette, May 10, 2011.
I really do like the reading. I'm a much older individual lost some weight, wearing smaller clothing and now I think I might be doing the same thing. Thank you for that reading......

Comments for article: Tithe: A Big Deal?
Allyson, May 7, 2011.
This was of great help to me! I was trying to figure out if I should tithe the money I have been given for my summer mission trip, and the passage of Scripture in Numbers has shown me that I should! A tithe for a tithe! Thank you!

Comments for article: Mother's Day Tears
Jan, May 7, 2011.
This was a very beautiful article and thought provoking. I have a friend who cries on Mother's Day too but the reason is different. She nenver experienced the hugs, love, and special things a mother does for her child. Hers was a childhood full of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother. Now I know what to do to help her. Thanks.

Comments for article: Prayer for Couples
Patricia Fountain, May 2, 2011.
My husband and I prayed together before we married and we continued the practice early in our marriage. Somehow we stopped praying together. We continue to pray individually, but I long for the intimacy we had with God when we came to Him together. We are trying get back into that habit.

Comments for article: Perseverance
Virginia Ann "Ginger" Duquette, Apr 27, 2011.
Thank you for the article on Perseverance. I am a new Adventist, and am making some pretty serious changes....including my diet. God wants me to FINISH, not just begin. He wants me to walk WITH Him, not leave it up to Him or say, "I can't", or "Well, it's ok for those who are stronger than I am, but my not being a leader won't make any difference....there are so many leaders already" Or, "No one will ever notice." God does not ask anything of us that He doesn't already know we can do. I feel that, just like the importance of following His Ten Commandments, if I don't follow His instruction in diet and nutrition, I have not followed Him completely. God wants me to succeed. He wants me to "finish". That's the best source of encouragement there is! I believe I can do this! Thank you for this tool and for the good examples of perseverance, character and personal strength!

Comments for article: Spiritual Birdseed
Ella Thompson, Apr 24, 2011.
The best thing in life are free. Thanks for the reminder that God never forgets about His children.

Comments for article: More Like a Daffodil
joyce williams, Apr 20, 2011.
I like this. This is my prayer.

Comments for article:  More Like a Daffodil
Victory, Apr 20, 2011.
Thanks for the encouragement. People are going through a lot; I'm not excluded. The future seems bleak, but you've reminded me that the thickened darkness help us better appreciate dawn.

Comments for article: El Manual de Amor de Dios
jazzmin, Apr 17, 2011.
I wish I could improve my marriage but my husband thinks it useless. He says he thinks it's a closed chapter and I have not always been motivated. I am alone. I hope God gives me strength to carry on.

Comments for article: Lessons in Trust
Leonard K'otohoyoh, Apr 16, 2011.
I thank God greatly for having allowed me to come a cross this sharing by Naomi. I have been blessed greatly by the article. As I read through I see myself being described by the article. Naomi we have underwent similar experiences. From the voice of prophesy we read how each of us is a signed a host of guardian angels to protect us from the arrows of Satan. I have experienced this in my life and family.  I would ask the believers who read this article to help me in prayer for God's continued protection and provision of employment.

Comments for article: Sleep, Live Longer?
ss, Apr 14, 2011.
This was really helpful in understanding how cortisol messes up the body and how melatonin can mop up the free radicals. I might try it. Easy to understand, thank you.

Comments for article: Pray Like Nehemiah
Lucy Argueta, Apr 12, 2011.
I concur that we need to learn how to pray. We need to focus on God, then on others, then ourselves. God has many, many promises, more than anyone can imagine and He intends to keep ALL of them. There is a promise for every issue/trial that we confront in life. Some prayers may be answered immediately, others may take time or may be answered in His way, not ours. Sometimes we feel our prayers are not answered because time passes and they remain unanswered, and sometimes we end up just forgetting that we made them. Look at James 4:3 "You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions." Our prayers are not to be a selfish asking merely for our own benefit. Have you ever sat down long enough to meditate on why they go answered? Maybe it is time to sit down and spend time with God and ask Him for clarity. After all, He will never go back on what He has promised...he has put it in writing. It is usually us that do not fulfill our part of the agreement. Some promises are conditional and it may be that we are not fulfilling the conditions needed to receive an answer. Think about it! We may need to learn to pray and follow the commandments that God has provided to us. Look at 1 John 3:22 "We receive from Him whatever we ask, because we keep His commandments and do what pleases Him." Are you keeping His commandments and doing what pleases Him? We must remember that as with any relationship, what we put into it is what we will get out of it. So, let's do ourselves a favor and spend more time with our Father in Heaven. I am sure he would love to hear from us that we love Him and appreciate everything He does for us and the reassurance that we will be spending more time with Him. :)

Comments for article: Living With Dust
Suenell, Apr 11, 2011.
God bless you! May you have the strength, determination and knowledge to get your home done that will give you protection and joy while living on this earth. May God keep your eye on the real prize, knowing that one day you will have the home of your dreams, perfected, forever in a world without sin!

Comments for article: If Love Could Heal
Wanda Brown, Apr 10, 2011.
Beautiful!!! My 10-year-old daughter, Nikki, was taken by cancer in 1984. The words of this testimony is the promise that I have also lived by and believe with my heart and soul. Thank our precious Lord, praise Him for His love and graciousness.

Comments for article: If Love Could Heal
Donna Pinkerton, Apr 3, 2011.
I like your article and I know how you feel. My son had to leave us too, we prayed for healing, but it was not to be either. But as you say God's love can heal him and give him a new body as well. God bless you and your family.

Comments for article: Los Terribles Dos
karina, Mar 27, 2011.
I am the mother of three, ten, five and a baby of 21 months. Their behavior is terrible, I feel frustrated sometimes that the older child is very lazy and the baby is disobedient and aggressive. I support education but they do not educate them with good principles and the love of God. I do not think doing nothing is easy and it is very stressful for me because every time I'm behind them helping them and cleaning, I really feel very frustrated especially when my 21-month-old baby cries non-stop.

Comments for article: Joy Through a Killjoy
Al, Mar 25, 2011.
That was a great story! Thank you so much for sharing.

Comments for article: An Apple A Day Helps
Phyllis Stanley, Mar 25, 2011. H
I am reading a book by Suzanne Somers, titled How to Fight Fat after Forty and page 57 she writes that we should ONLY eat organic apples - quote- "There are two nonorganic fruits you really should never eat: apples and grapes. A toxic pesticide called cryolite goes through the skin of these fruits and permeates them entirely. But the organic versions of grapes and apples are loaded with incredible nutrients and enzymes, so if you can swing it, go organic here."

Comments for article: Los Diez
Sal Demalistre, Mar 24, 2011.
Visit our website: www.adventistasdesomerville.org thanks

Comments for article: Empty Cross
Stephanie, Mar 18, 2011.
Thank you for publishing this article. I think everyone needs to read this. We are much harder on ourselves than Christ is. I am often reminded of the beauty and the mystery of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Thank God, He's not there! We are forgiven! Praise God!

Comments for article: No Right to Strike
James Talley, Mar 16, 2011.
Jesus does not want a man to abuse a woman, or a woman abuse a man. There must be love in the house for the marriage to work; both should follow godly things.

Comments for article: He Sees the Sparrow
Syprine Kwamboka, Mar 11, 2011.
This is a nice story, it shows how God works wonders through the power of prayer. Thanks and May God Blss. Keep it up.

Comments for article: God High and Deep
Paulett, Mar 10, 2011.
I've visited Banff and Jasper several times and the author has managed to put into words the exact feelings you get. You leave those places having a much deeper appreciation for the awesome God who created such beautiful things on such a grand scale for us to enjoy. Tears literally well up in your eyes when you stand awestruck and make a 360 degree turn and there's nothing but sheer beauty on the largest scale you've ever seen. And then you realize that the same God who created the larger-than-life landscape and holds worlds in His hands loved you enough to come to this earth and die to save you. It's very humbling and at the same time very empowering; our God is indeed an awesome God! I've always wondered how some could see such amazing wonders and still doubt that there is a God who loves us.

Comments for article: Finding A Job
edgar escobar munoz, Mar 7, 2011.
It's nice when you have an opportunity, but I don't have a job. I'm looking for a job where there is no work on Sabbaths, but is hard to find. If someone can help me to find a job near Springfield, Ohio we are on the same side and we love the same Lord so thank you and contact me. Pray for my situation. God bless you and don't forget to include my family in your prayers. Thanks.

Comments for article: My Quiet Time
Clera Diosi, Mar 3, 2011.
I really appreciate the steps you outlined in having a quiet time with Jesus. I have been trying to make my children spend time reading the Bible themselves and these steps you've given will certainly help me to assist my children spend time with the Lord as this is very important for their lives.

Comments for article: El Amor de un Padre
fernando, Mar 2, 2011.
I read a few articles and they are so beautiful. It encourages me with family showing that God blesses my children.

Comments for article: Predestined or Choice?
Nez Nanziwe, Feb 12, 2011.
I like the fact that the article emphasizes the liberation that comes with open options. I appreciate the wisdom of God in providing us with options and completes His provision by advising us against our own folly to choose life. So the concept of predestination is actually an emphasis on the gift of eternal life that has been made available before the foundation of the world through Divine Grace. In the light of the fact that he wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper, I am assured that His desires come with the available provision, which makes it 'predestined', though not predetermined. This predestination is based on his ambitions for us and not on his compulsions of will to accept the provision that is offered. God, knowing how stupid we are to choose the path of death over life, pointedly says to us, "choose life". His biddings are His enablings. "Go and do thou likewise".

Comments for article: Have a Heart Like God
Tamra, Feb 11, 2011.
This article contained things I really needed to hear this morning. Some times we just need a reminder like this to put things back into perspective. Thank you.

Comments for article: Potato Sack
Laura, Feb 9, 2011.
I LOVE this article! I have worked very hard at forgiving and letting go and have known at least one person who hung on tightly to bitterness and resenetment. Interestingly, it actually did make him stink when he would talk about those he had not forgiven from his past. His bitterness poisoned all the relationships in his present. Bitterness is not something you do to those who have hurt you in the past. It is something you do that poisons and twists your own soul.

Comments for article: ¿Sentados?
Aracely y Jamie, Feb 7, 2011.
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Comments for article: Have a Heart Like God
Minerva, Feb 5, 2011.
This message speaks from the heart.

Comments for article: Saved by a Hymn
Beverly Fleming, Jan 22, 2011.
Tears are clouding my eyes, as I type. Oh what A Great Loving Shepherd we have! May we Love, obey and follow Him--All the days of our lives. May we sing to His Glory--regardless of our circumstances--never know what the results may be. God Bless all of you!

Comments for article: Saved by a Hymn
Rowena, Jan 18, 2011.
Thanks for all the time and effort and love you put into the website. What a story!! 

Comments for article: Priceless Motherhood
Lyra, Jan 16, 2011.
I'm completely cynical when people talk about how much mothers' work is "worth." If you want to stir up a huge pot of trouble, suggest paying mothers. We want to give it lip service, but not provide mothers with respect, health insurance, or retirement (let alone a salary) -- nothing that actually signifies we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. Nothing that actually supports mothers in their lives. If people meant what they said, mothers would be the most respected members of society. Instead we are the least respected. Words are easy. Nothing else but words is done. There'll be some surprised people in heaven to find that mothers, who did their duty in the face of this total lack of support and respect from the world (including the Christian world) have the highest place. I wish we could spare a little help and respect here on earth, but by this point in life I see no reason to think it will ever be anything but words.

Comments for article: The Cross and Forgiveness
Aleysia` Alves, Jan 15, 2011.
I love this article! I am so guilty of feeling that certain situations were just unforgivable and walked around as a Christian thinking these thoughts. The nerve of me! God presented so many situations for me to experience how forgiving He is towards me that it is so easy to truly forgive, love and let go. I praise God for breaking me from the bondage of unforgiveness!!

Comments for article: The Cross and Forgiveness
Deborah Montgomery, Jan 11, 2011.
May we always remember that without repentance there can be no revival, relationship or forgiveness. The Lord set up instructions for bringing our gift to the altar and a brother sinning against us in Matthew 5 and Matthew 18 and Jesus told Peter in Matthew 18 the parable the king and his servants. The servant who owed him much went to him to plead with him. The king didn't just automatically forgive him, the servant had to go present his case to the king.

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