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Five Seeds
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“I believe these belong to you,” a man extended his cupped hand toward me. I peered into his hand and noticed that he cradled five seeds. They were indistinct seeds that I had never seen before. I took them from the man and wondered what this was all about.

“Who was this man?” I wondered. A celestial guardian?

He then spoke:

“You can plant these seeds along any river and they shall grow.”

I looked at the seeds in my hand. “Where should I plant them?” I wondered. I thought of the great rivers of the world—the Yangtze, Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, Volga, and many others. Where would I plant my seeds, I wondered. It was as though these seeds would each establish roots deep within the soil along these waterways.

“Have you decided where you will plant your seeds?” asked the guardian.

River of Life

I immediately thought of a river in the midst of heaven flowing from the throne of God. Without another thought I responded, “I will plant all five seeds alongside the River of Life.”

“It is so,” responded my guardian.

Many years have come and gone since I had that vivid dream, and yet its memory remains with me still. I have contemplated the deep significance of this dream. Was it an oracle from God, just for me? I've always felt in my inmost soul that it was.

Because of this, when my wife and I raised our three children we always did everything we could to help them learn about God. We tried to plant them right there beside the River of Life. We talked to them about right and wrong, about God and His ex-angel, (Lucifer), about the heights of heaven and about the end of evil. We sent my children to Bible based church schools. We had family worship every night and every morning. We attended church every Sabbath and quite a few Wednesday nights as well.

I have always been cognizant of the idea that I was a steward of five lives. I felt responsible for the outcome of each. It's amazing how a dream of five seeds can influence your life. I pray that the influence will have eternal results.

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