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For 17 years of my life, I had the companionship of a great little poodle named “Popeye.” He was the best dog for which a guy could ask. He loved to follow me around the house as I did my daily routines. He loved to sit outside in the green grass with the sun on his soft fur, his eyes closed in doggy dreams. He was patient, loyal, kind, and always there in my time of need. He was family! I often wondered to myself what it was that made him so faithful and loyal, his tail wagging whenever he saw me.

In the Bible we see numerous instances where the disciples struggled with their loyalty and faith concerning Jesus. Sometimes they were fierce and even violently loyal to Him. Other times they swore they didn't know Him, and fell asleep in His time of greatest need. But more important, than the disciples loyalty or non-loyalty was Jesus' loyalty to them. He believed in them even when they didn't believe in themselves or when they stumbled in their faith. His constant, patient faith in His disciples never wearied. It never took a day off for a holiday. It gave the disciples a clear blueprint on how to foster loyalty and faith in themselves as well as in others.

Biggest Fan

Jesus is always there for us. He's our biggest fan, wearing our colors and flying our flags. Even in the times that we question Him or push Him aside, He's still their waiting patiently for us. He will never give up! Now that's loyalty!
Sometimes it takes the long suffering love of a family pet to help remind us that Jesus is loyal and that He has faith in us.
It's been a few years now since Popeye passed away, but I think about him often. Because of Popeye's loyalty, I am able to keep focused on the loyalty and faith that Jesus has in me and in us all.

“For the Lord will not cast off His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance” (Psalm 94:14).

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