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Longing for Glory
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We had a wee bit of a thing brought in to our ER this past week. I’d been talking to my daughter on the phone and she told me the scanner said we had a little one coming in and it didn’t look good. It was a two-month-old in cardiac arrest. As I was about to tell the charge nurse someone else heard it on the scanner as well. Our ER doc then stated at that time of the morning it was probably a case of SIDS.

When he arrived, the baby had already started mottling in his face. Our doctor had us continue trying to do something for five minutes and then he called it quits. The child had evidently expired during the night. The parents had last seen him about 11:00 pm the night before.

I then changed his diaper and started unhooking all the life saving pharaphanelia.

That was the hardest thing I've ever done in the ER. It was hard because I had a major fight to hold back tears. And I wasn’t the only one. As I looked around me I saw misty eyed paramedics, misty eyed nurses, and a misty eyed doctor as well. They've all seen it many times before but the reality of the situation is this- you never accept it. You never become complacent to this situation.

Wanted to Bolt

I was then left in the room to clean the little one up. Something within me wanted to bolt, to run screaming out into the woods, but I had to do my job. Shortly after that I went to fetch some supplies we didn't really need. What I did need was a walk, a run, somewhere away.

When I got back with my supplies I could hear the mother and the grandmother moaning and wailing. Again I had to fight off the urge to join them.

Finally, after they had gone I went in with one of the baby nurses from upstairs. We got the child's foot prints for the mother. We also snipped off hair to be placed in a book of remembrance for this poor little family.

Then I had to help the sheriff deputies arrange the child so they could take pictures of him. Not exactly their favorite part of the job, nor mine. Finally we were done.  

In times like this I look ahead to the time when our righteous God shall raise the dead. God will raise the innocent little ones like this to live a life of purity in the earth made new! Hallelujah! The Lord is risen! Oh how I long for Christ’s Second Coming! How I long for the resurrection of little ones such as this!

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