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Gift of Memories
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She hadn’t meant it as a gift. She was just clearing out books and papers in preparation for selling the old house our parents had lived in. This adopted sister of mine had moved into the basement of my parents home along with her growing teenagers so she could care for Mom and Dad in their final years—her gift of thanks for them taking her in as an orphaned child. It was four years of intensive, heart-breaking, back-breaking labor—a labor of love, and most of the family agreed that she could live in the house as long as she wanted to after they died.

Fifteen years later, her children married and with children of their own, she’s preparing the house for sale. In the process of emptying drawers, bookshelves and cubbyholes, she discovered previously unnoticed items she thought her siblings would want.

I couldn’t imagine the contents of the box left at our door by UPS. But when I opened it to find my high school yearbooks, old books of my mother’s, books I’d inscribed to my father, old photographs, and letters our children had written to their grandparents, I knew I’d found treasure. This gift from my sister gave my siblings and I a part of ourselves that had faded from memory.
On a silent, holy night over 2000 years ago, God sent a gift to Earth’s doorstep—a gift to restore lost memories of divine inheritance and fellowship. A gift, unlike my box, with the power to redeem and restore for eternity: “Immanuel—God with us!”
May your gifts given and received this season not only strengthen personal connections but also bring remembrance of your inheritance and connection with the divine Gift.

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