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Are You Distracted?
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Scenario: You’re praying and five minutes later you’re thinking about an upcoming project. Then, you try to figure out how you ever forgot that you were praying?

Distractions come in all forms, shapes and sizes; some of mine call me dad.

In the 1991 Kevin Costner movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Robin approaches a young man aiming at a target. “Can you shoot amid distractions?” he asks.

A split second before releasing the bow, Robin pokes the young man’s ear with an arrow’s feather. The distraction causes the lad to shoot high and miss the target by several feet.

Distractions can interfere with our focus, purpose, work, commitments, relationships, leadership, and just about every aspect of our life. Distractions may even cause us to miss the path God has set in place for us.

Daniel 1:8 and Genesis 39 give us examples of how to overcome distractions leading us away from God. Both Joseph and Daniel faced distractions, both determined ahead of time to stand firm and not be swayed. They decided to serve God and stay true to Him no matter what distractions came their way.

Steps to Consider

Like me, if you desire to keep the distractions “the noise of life” from interfering with your intended goals, here are six easy steps to consider:
  • Prayer is the key to heaven’s riches, ask God to help you overcome your short-comings. Choose a designated prayer “corner,” and like Daniel, purpose in your heart ahead of time to stay focused on prayer.
  • Clear away all potential distractions: phones, television, computer, games, etc., or anything that may distract you from your task.
  • Create new habits. If you can stick with these new routines for 21 days, it will become a habit. After 21 to 30 days you will notice these habits will become part of your character.
  • If someone asks you a question, needs advice or just needs to talk, give them your full attention; turn to them, make eye contact and actively listen.
  • When studying (your Bible, for school or any project), choose a quiet place with all distractions cleared away in order to process the material and memorize the content.
  • Keep a journal. Journaling helps keep you focused, helps with discipline, and helps you retain the study material much longer.
These small suggestions may help you to stand firm against distractions.

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