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Start Packing
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I was 12 and living in suburbia on the East Coast. At many church socials, I remember my parents talking with other adults about moving to a less congested area. They were burned out with their jobs in the city, and the conversation would eventually lead to moving west where the crime rate was low and where families could be raised in a safer environment.

The Smith family talked about their visits out west. They had relatives there and were looking forward to moving out there some day.

The George family had a piece of property in the wilderness where they planned to build a house.

Days led into months, talking about the same topic. Some talked, some planned, and some started packing. My parents realized that if they were serious about moving they needed to sell their unnecessary stuff, so they started the process of downsizing.

It wasn’t too long before the enthusiasm of some families started to wane. “Well, we just can’t afford to move this year … maybe next year.”

Only a few of our church friends who talked about moving actually ended up cutting their ties to jobs and homes and moving out west. For most of them, life got busy, bills needed to be paid, and there was never a convenient time to move.

A Better Land

As Christians, we have set off on a journey. We talk of a better land, a new home in heaven. Some talk—some make plans—and some start packing.

Some people talk with enthusiasm and with confidence that they will be in heaven, yet they do little to make arrangements “to move.” Others are assured they have a place up in heaven just like the George Family, but they were the ones who never moved west. There are excuses and “explanations” about why they couldn’t make it. Eventually they sold their land and headed in a different direction.

We long for heaven. Are you willing to start “packing”? Willing to do those small things that make that trip easier? Give up your cherished sins and distractions from your walk with God?

Don’t let talking and planning distract you from your ultimate mission of “packing” for heaven.

Christ told a parable about 10 virgins. Five were prepared for the marriage supper journey and five were not. “And the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding” (Matthew 25:10). I want to go home, don’t you?

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