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“Mom, have you had a chance to read that book I sent you?” I asked. As usual, her reply was, “Oh, Dee, I’m just so busy. I haven’t had time.”

That usually left me scratching my head. After all, my mother had worked my whole life and had looked forward to a life of leisure at retirement. So, when she retired, I envisioned her watching lots of baseball, reading, and gardening. But that wasn’t what she had in mind, although those figured in. She visited “old people,” helped count money at church, typed the church bulletin, and made telephone calls to shut-ins.

My vision of retirement mirrored what I had imagined for Mom until two realities hit me. While taking a Crown Financial Ministries’ course, I learned that the Bible never suggests people retire — except for a verse about the Levites who were asked to retire from helping to build the tabernacle and work in other areas of the priesthood.

The second reality is that, although old enough to “retire,” with the poor economy and my lack of properly saving for a luxurious retirement, it will be some time before I can quit my full-time job.

Stay Busy Doing for Others

So, when I’m too old to be gainfully employed, I imagine I’ll watch baseball, garden and read, but I know I’ll also follow in my mother’s footsteps and stay busy doing for others.

Here’s some good advice I found at www.borrowfromnone.com.

“Just because you’re not getting a salary anymore doesn’t mean you can’t do extremely valuable and fulfilling work that honors God and helps other people. Volunteer more at your church, lead a committee, get involved with your community, help those who are less fortunate, take part in the political process or community activism, or just meet and care for people.”

There are three retirement types: My Timers, No Timers, and Give Timers. Which one will you be?

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