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On the Road
Photo: Tim Nisly
With American workers now spending an average 26 minutes commuting to their places of employment each day, our society is living substantial slices of life "on the road again." People on the east and west coasts have it hardest; for some it takes a full hour of battling congested traffic to get to work.

If you (or someone you love) finds it necessary to commute, here are some ideas for filling the time. Start with a trip to your local library. Many will have a good selection of audio tapes or cd's, including biographies, stories and self-improvement books. While you're there look for other materials, like educational textbooks or language learning series.

When your brain is too wired from a hectic workday to concentrate on learning something new, just de-stress by listening to relaxing or inspirational music or spending time in meditation or prayer. When my husband took a job that required driving 70 miles a day I purchased the New Testament on tape for him. It stays in his vehicle so it's always available.

If you are fortunate enough for at least part of your drive time to be through the countryside you can enjoy the scenes of nature. Watch for wildlife or signs of seasonal changes.

Keep Focused

Some commuters who carpool or use public transportation style their hair, shave, eat breakfast, read or work on-line. A friend of mine calls his recently-widowed mother every day during his drive time. While keeping in touch with family is certainly important, there is controversy over whether driving and chatting on cell phones can safely go together. (In some places it is against the law.) The safest advice is to not do anything that will distract you from your main objective--arriving safely at your destination.

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