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One important component in planting a healthy garden is the soil. Knowing your soils pH and getting a good balance is important to your plants ability to stave off pests and provide hearty vitamin-filled vegetables and fruits.

Just like the air we need to sustain our lives, plants need the perfect balance of acidity and alkalinity of soil  to produce healthy plants. Too much of either can cause plants to under perform or produce sickly vegetables. A soil rich in compost made from old table scraps, or organic materials such as plant, animal, tree, seaweed, leaf or sawdust, are great aides for your gardens health.

Earthworms, and plenty of them are also amazing little tillage machines, that work the earth over and over leaving it healthy and superbly enriched.

Just as the soil for our garden needs nutrients in order to produce healthy vegetables, we must also strive to balance out the nutrients in our own souls, hearts and minds. Too much of anything whether that be school, work, leisure etc., can lead to a spiritual, emotional, and physical “pH” imbalance.

Spiritual Vitamins

We must keep the soils of our souls tilled with the spiritual vitamins that the Lord has provided us through prayer, study of the Bible and nature. By following the word of God, we are filled with the nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need in order to live a balanced life, but we must maintain these lifelines with the Lord daily, just like we would when tending to our gardens.

Weeds will grow, soil will harden and pests will attack if we don't stay daily connected to our plants welll being; and the same things will happen to our souls, hearts and minds, if we don't daily stay connected with God.

Next time you're out in your garden tilling the soil, stop and say a little prayer to the Lord, thanking Him for the daily vitamins He puts in your life.

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