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The Family of God
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Moving is a pain! I’d be surprised if anyone will challenge my statement. Packing alone is challenging, without even thinking of all the other aspects like notifying everyone you know, the utility companies and, well you know, all who must know about your move.

When our kids were growing up and living at home, we moved up to bigger apartments as the family grew, and finally into our very own new home twice. We thought we’d always live in Ohio. But after they left for college, marriage, and their own families, my husband took a job out of state and that started a pilgrimage for us, due to his job transfers and later our retirement.

Though we ached for leaving all the beautiful friends we’d acquired over the years in our home state, we didn’t realize how very large our family would grow beyond Ohio—the family of God that is. We have relatives with whom we’re heart-tied, who are our brothers and sisters with whom we share more than a human bloodline, we are family in the blood of Jesus. We acquired this treasured family in Ohio, California, Kansas, Michigan, Florida and Georgia. Like us, many of them have moved a lot, some to far corners of the world.

After 61 Years...

Actually, almost every time we moved we thought that was it, we’d never be moving again. However, after 61 years, we’re still moving. Am I tired of it? You bet. Yet having admitted to that, I’m also excited about every move, regardless of sometimes shedding too many tears initially. Why? Because I know our God-family will grow yet more. And I know that little prayer of mine that I pray daily will be answered again, “Lord, bless that stranger whom I’m about to meet, who will become my friend.” Such friendships turn into God-family relationships.

Every place we have lived, God places people in our path who are searching for God or who have wandered from Him or simply need someone to draw them close like family. Thus, we look at each other and say, “This is why God led us here.” Moreover, this seems so, even when a move, appeared to us like a possible misjudgment. God grows His family in ways that sometimes seem mysterious to finite minds.

So often, we’ve had to say goodbye to the acquired family members after awhile. Each time adieu time proved painful. However, because we established family relationships, based on mutual faith in God, we knew that goodbyes on this earth were only temporary.

Are you needing to move again? Or perhaps it’s your first move? Are you upset about it? I’d like to suggest that you borrow my little prayer because the family of God will draw you closer and closer to Jesus. The relationships will cause you to yearn more and more for heaven, where the familyhood of God will last forever, no more goodbyes or moving vans to roll away.

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