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Work Before Pray?
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Well, we've all heard the common adage "work before play." It's a good one, too. At all ages, it proves to be beneficial to get your work done and then play will be not only more deserved, but more enjoyable. I often even entice myself with some of my favorites types of play like putting jigsaw puzzles together, reading a book, or playing a game for when I get my work done.  Particularly if the job is something I've been putting off.

In our prayer life, though, shouldn't it work the opposite way? So many times we attack difficult jobs in our own strength, forgetting to pray first. Work before pray. In my experience, it doesn't work too well.

For example, recently I was the director of a program that our church wanted to present to the community. Since it was health-centered, I had the seemingly grand idea that the hospital should allow us to hold it there. My thinking was that more people would come if it was at the hospital since that is an accepted icon of healing. So I went to work contacting the key people at the hospital to go forward with the plan. When the hospital turned down this idea (after very seriously considering to do it), I was a little ticked off, I must say.

Who Do YOU Think You Are?

“Who do they think they are?” I thought. And just as soon as I gave birth to that question, the Lord presented me with another thought that I felt came right from the mind of God. “Who do you think YOU are?” he said. “Why do you think you need them when you have me?”

Immediately it hit me. I had not even consulted God as to where to hold the health meetings. I had just run ahead and worked my plan. Work before pray.

At that moment, my attitude changed, and I not only accepted the refusal of the hospital, I rejoiced in it!! “Yeah! That's right!” I proclaimed.

From that moment, I prayed about every move we made in the process of putting the meetings together. I prayed before I worked, and the meetings turned out to be a wonderful success!

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3).

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