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RSS Technology
W. Geiersperger
RSS is web technology that allows you to feed information from a site or weblog to subscribers. This means if you’re following Joe’s weblog and want to know about his latest posts without having to continually check his blog, you can become a subscriber and be automatically notified when Joe posts new material. For websites this means being able to import content into your pages from other sites.

Using RSS, GraceNotes currently provides 6 feeds (including 2 Spanish and 1 French) that are of a devotional nature. Each feed publishes new content two times a week. This free service is produced by the Center for Creative Ministry for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

In order to access the information RSS is sending you need an RSS Reader that is either web-based, or on your desktop. Click here for an example of one that is free. Do a search on Google and you'll find many more.

The evolution of web technologies continues to introduce new applications and opportunities for publishing content. RSS makes automated text broadcasting a reality for websites that are challenged by budget and personnel restrictions. For free, or for minimal costs, organizations can subscribe to services that automatically refresh their web pages.

GraceNotes uses this technology to broadcast links and content to anyone who wants to use it. We only ask that you follow our Terms of Use guidelines.

For a more in-depth explaination of RSS read RSS Tutitorial.

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